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On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 9:07 AM, i3D.net - Tristan van Bokkem
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> Hi Stackers,
> It seems running Openstack components in High Availability hasn't been
> really a focus point lately, am I right?
> The general docs don't really mention HA except for nova-network. So I did
> some resource on how to run Nova in a High Availability and have some
> questions about it:
> The docs guides you on how to setup one cloud controller (running MySQL,
> nova-api, RabbitMQ etc.) and 2+n nodes for nova compute/network. But it does
> not mention how to make the cloud controller redundant. If the cloud
> controller brakes we have a serious problem!
> So, we can run MySQL in master-master mode on multiple hosts, we can run
> nova-api on serveral hosts and load balance those and RabbitMQ has a cluster
> ha setup as well but is this the way to go? I can't find a clear answer to
> this. I am hoping one can shine some light on this!
> Best regards,
> Tristan van Bokkem
> Datacenter Operations

I've taken the liberty to put together a bit of a summary of the
discussion we've had here,[1] roll it into a design summit brainstorm
proposal, and also post it on my blog, here:


I hope it's not a violation of list etiquette to say that instead of
cross-posting all replies to both lists, everyone's welcome to make
comments on that blog post, too (use your Launchpad OpenID). Please
feel free to flame me to a crisp or call me an idiot; as some of you
are aware I'm quite firmly an HA guy getting into OpenStack, rather
than the other way around.

Even if the design summit proposal doesn't make it through, perhaps a
few interested people (Monty? Jay? Adam? Major?) would like to sit
down over beverages to discuss this in person.

All comments and feedback much appreciated. Thanks!


[1] Pacemaker subscribers, for context the full thread is at

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