I have been working on improving filter scheduler and my current blue print is 
at and current code 
is at If you have any question on my 
code or filter scheduler, please let me know.



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From: "Christian Parpart" <>
Sent: Monday, June 11, 2012 11:41:42 AM
Subject: [Openstack] Filter Scheduler, a complete example

Hi all, 

while I am still "somewhat" new to OpenStack, I was able to successfully deploy 
a 6-node OpenStack setup 
with 4 compute nodes, one controller node (yet to be HA'd) and one network node 
(yet to be HA'd). 

However, now, that I am that far, I am in need to create a custom filter, due 
to the companies requirements 
on what VMs to put on what hardware. 
Unfortunately, I am not yet that experienced in Python (know quite a few 
others, so I shouldn't have 
it that hard in getting into) and I - of course - don't know the Nova API as 
well as you do. 

So I am looking for a complete basic Hello World Filter Scheduler example, e.g. 
in form of a github repo, 
that I can fork off, and improve it, and learn Nova by doing. 

I could not really find anything that helpful yet, and I think it might be a 
wonderful entry-point for 
quite a few of us. 

Is there anyone willing to help us here out a bit? 

Many many thanks, 
Christian Parpart. 
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