On Jun 11, 2012, at 11:41 AM, Christian Parpart wrote:

> Hi all,
> while I am still "somewhat" new to OpenStack, I was able to successfully 
> deploy a 6-node OpenStack setup
> with 4 compute nodes, one controller node (yet to be HA'd) and one network 
> node (yet to be HA'd).
> However, now, that I am that far, I am in need to create a custom filter, due 
> to the companies requirements
> on what VMs to put on what hardware.
> Unfortunately, I am not yet that experienced in Python (know quite a few 
> others, so I shouldn't have 
> it that hard in getting into) and I - of course - don't know the Nova API as 
> well as you do.
> So I am looking for a complete basic Hello World Filter Scheduler example, 
> e.g. in form of a github repo,
> that I can fork off, and improve it, and learn Nova by doing.
> I could not really find anything that helpful yet, and I think it might be a 
> wonderful entry-point for
> quite a few of us.
> Is there anyone willing to help us here out a bit?
> Many many thanks,
> Christian Parpart.
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The admin docs have a chapter on scheduling that discusses the filter 

It's from a user's point, not a developer, but it does describe what all of the 
built-in filters do. You should be able to look at the corresponding code and 
see what they do pretty easily.

Check out the nova/scheduler/filters directory which has the implementation of 
the existing filters: 

The simplest filter is the AllHostsFilter, which doesn't filter anything at 

Take care,

Lorin Hochstein
Lead Architect - Cloud Services
Nimbis Services, Inc.

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