I'm trying to launch a stack via Heat, without fixed IPs but, with
Floating IPs.

 Looks like that it requires fixed_ips! Why is that?

 For example, this:

    type: OS::Neutron::Port
      name: {"Fn::Join": ["-", [{ get_param: "OS::stack_name" } ,
      network: { get_resource: control_net }
        - ip_address:
        - { get_resource: svpts_ctrl_sec }
--- but, if I try to remove:

        - ip_address:

 Then, "openstack stack create" fails!

 With the following error:

ERROR: The server could not comply with the request since it is either
malformed or otherwise incorrect.

 The workaround is to launch a stack without Floating IPs and then, via
Horizon, add the those manually, which is not a good idea... I'm planning
to add the Floating IP after launching the stack, via Ansible, or something
like that, as a second step but, I think that it would be nice to launch
the entire stack in one shot...

 I'm also trying to associate the Floating IP under "OS::Nova::Server" but,
no idea about its syntax, so, not working either (but for different reason).

 Have a nice weekend guys!

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