I would guess that:

1. You need to be on Xenial. 

2. You need to upgrade whichever package it is that provides add-apt-repository. (A general 'apt-get update && apt-get upgrade' should cover that.)


From: TommyLike Hu
Sent: Tuesday, 18 October 2016 05:03
To: openstack@lists.openstack.org
Subject: [Openstack] [OpenStack] [Newton] Set up environment failed with offical newton install guide

Hey guys,
  Have you ever set up the OpenStack environment with the offical install documentation [1],I failed at the environment setup step, and this is the command and output:

add-apt-repository cloud-archive:newton
'newton': not a valid cloud-archive name.
Must be one of ['folsom', 'folsom-proposed', 'grizzly', 'grizzly-proposed', 'havana', 'havana-proposed', 'icehouse', 'icehouse-proposed', 'juno', 'juno-proposed', 'kilo', 'kilo-proposed', 'liberty', 'liberty-proposed', 'mitaka', 'mitaka-proposed', 'tools', 'tools-proposed']

Does this mean the Newton version is not yet ready or I missed something? please help me with this issue, Any comment is welcomed, Thanks a lot!

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