I  installed the openstack queens use devstack. I want to test the "Cinder 
Multi-Attach" function

1. create a  multiattach volume
# cinder type-create multiattach
# cinder type-key multiattach set multiattach="<is> True"
#  cinder create 10 --name multiattach-volume --volume-type <volume_type_uuid>
2. attache the volume to two instances
# nova volume-attach test01 <volume_uuid>
# nova volume-attach test02 <volume_uuid>
3. mount the volume , create some file,but the file don't sync between the two 
instance,It seems that they are two independent volumes

then test02 create a file,but i cannot find it in test01,The reverse is the 


I think i have something wrong,the test like the "share storage"
What should the correct effect be like? thanks

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