Multi-attach will not allow you to have a block device with a local file-system 
to be concurrently
accessed from multiple nodes. It is intended for HA scenarios where a second 
server can take
over a block device from another server. So, if you unmount on your first 
server, you can mount
on the second and you will see your file.


On 06 Mar 2018, at 09:53, 谭 明宵 
<<>> wrote:

I  installed the openstack queens use devstack. I want to test the "Cinder 
Multi-Attach" function

1. create a  multiattach volume
# cinder type-create multiattach
# cinder type-key multiattach set multiattach="<is> True"
#  cinder create 10 --name multiattach-volume --volume-type <volume_type_uuid>
2. attache the volume to two instances
# nova volume-attach test01 <volume_uuid>
# nova volume-attach test02 <volume_uuid>
3. mount the volume , create some file,but the file don't sync between the two 
instance,It seems that they are two independent volumes

then test02 create a file,but i cannot find it in test01,The reverse is the 


I think i have something wrong,the test like the "share storage"
What should the correct effect be like? thanks

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Arne Wiebalck

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