Thx for the suggestions,
Will take a closer look at whether config.txt can fix the horizontal
alignment, the monitor itself has already been adjusted to its limits.

I think you are saying that the config.txt was found because it <has
to be read before> U-boot can execute but that the final error is an
attempt at a PXE boot?

At the moment, based on what I think you said that the kernel modules
for OTG have been added but disabled (That should be correct), then I
believe that leaves two possible points of failure...

- config.txt is read but the command to enable the OTG modules is not respected
- Although the OTG kernel modules are loaded by implementing the
command in config.txt, hardware support for OTG (specifically Ethernet
over USB) is still missing.

For now, if my analysis is accurate then I suspect the second issue,
although the first is still possible. I'll also be looking at
"ordinary" Ethernet over USB support even if OTG support might be

At the moment, am waiting on delivery of necessary hardware to be able
to troubleshoot further... When I first planned on using the Pi Zero,
I assumed that things would run smoothly, so bought minimal hardware I
thought would be necessary. The whole idea of using a Pi Zero in the
first place is to not pay for unnecessary hardware, but that's
assuming no problems like what I've been encountering. To
troubleshoot, I've found that a substantial amount of additional
hardware is necessary to support different I/O configurations which
isn't necessary on any of the other Pi models. The hardware is all
coming, so sometime soon I'll be able to do the troubleshooting.


On Sat, Oct 15, 2016 at 11:21 AM, Andreas Färber <> wrote:
> Am 07.10.2016 um 03:37 schrieb Tony Su:
>> The boot process proceeds until unable to find a "config.txt" file.
>> Knowing the file should actually have a capital "C" I renamed the file
>> to "Config.txt"
>> But with no different result.
> FAT partitions ignore case, so both file names work.
>> The following is a link to a photo image of stdout when boot stops, is
>> the same for both images
> Thanks for this helpful info!
> First, the output is cut off on the left side. You should edit
> config.txt (the one on the FAT partition) to set the right overscan
> settings for your monitor. Check the links in the file or the mailing
> list archives.
> What you are showing there is actually U-Boot output, so config.txt was
> found just fine. U-Boot falls back to PXE booting for some reason and
> doesn't find a pxelinux.cfg/default file, which is _very_ different from
> a Raspberry Pi config.txt file. Please read carefully and always report
> exact output.
> What we really need to see is what it says earlier, before it attempts
> network booting. Do you have a TTL UART adapter? Otherwise you'll need
> to take some more pictures. Does it ever show a GRUB menu? Anything
> after the ~3 second U-Boot timeout can be relevant.
> I found a place that actually has Pi Zero on stock and hope to receive
> one soon.
> Regards,
> Andreas
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