Hi Andreas,

I'd appreciate if you could check with the maintainer before changing
links in a project that you're always pointing out that you're not
maintaining, *especially* in non-Staging projects that are supposed to
be stable. if you want to do a change, you're welcome to try it out in
the Staging project.

> |`- devel:ARM:Factory:Contrib:RaspberryPi2/JeOS-raspberrypi2
> |   |`- devel:ARM:Factory:Contrib:RaspberryPi2/JeOS-raspberrypi3
> |   |   (previously a direct _link to openSUSE:Factory:ARM)
> |    `- devel:ARM:Factory:Contrib:RaspberryPi2:Staging/JeOS-raspberrypi2
> |        `- devel:ARM:Factory:Contrib:RaspberryPi2:Staging/JeOS-raspberrypi3
> |           (previously a _link to devel:ARM:Factory:Contrib:RaspberryPi2)

I think this violates the rule that "JeOS-flavor link diff should be
empty" rule. What I would have liked to see here instead is the
creation of a JeOS main package that the others linked to, e.g.

 - link to openSUSE:Factory:ARM / JeOS
' devel:ARM:Factory:Contrib:RaspberryPi2/JeOS-raspberrypi2
  - link to devel:ARM:Factory:Contrib:RaspberryPi2 / JeOS

this way the JeOS-raspberrypi2 is empty and doesn't require a link
diff and hence no "manual conflict resolution".

In any case the linkdiff in
devel:ARM:Factory:Contrib:RaspberryPi2/JeOS-raspberrypi2 was supposed
to be temporary, and perhaps we should have just gotten rid of that
link diff instead of making the setup now confusing and complex.

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