Hi all,

It is a long time since I submit the pull request. Now I would like to
pick it up again.

First, if we think itstool is a better choice we can try to use it. If
nobody does this, I could do it.

Second, Weblate does support documentation translation with multiple po files.


So, I can see it is promising to finish that workflow if itstool is
good enough as we thought.


Stefan Knorr <skn...@suse.de> 于2018年6月28日周四 上午9:18写道:
> Hi Alessio,
> On 21/06/18 17:59, Alessio Adamo wrote:
> > the Release Notes are in the same format as the documentation, but
> > their translation is accomplished via https://l10n.opensuse.org/
> > Do you think it is possible to include also the documentation in Weblate?
> Essentially yes, we'd have that option if we finished the PR you found.
> Weblate "just" takes PO/POT files, edits them, and commits/pushes them.
> The remaining issues are then:
> 1. generating a POT file with all the translatable strings
> 2. recombining the translated PO files with the XML content.
> Initially, the tools we used for that were unmaintained and buggy.
> However, we have since found itstool which is better all around, but we
> haven't yet tried applying it to the whole documentation.
> I also think (not 100% anymore on this one) Weblate needs a single PO
> file per project, so that might be another issue worth investigating.
> > I have actually found this pull request on github
> > (https://github.com/SUSE/doc-sle/pull/99) but I'm not able to figure
> > out if it's moving forward or not.
> Unfortunately, we (SUSE doc team) somewhat dropped the ball again. :(
> I hope we can move it forward once SLE 15 FCS's (mid-July). Otherwise,
> you are welcome to contribute to the PR to move it along faster.
> Stefan.
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郭云鹤/Guo Yunhe
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