the OpenVAS developers are happy to announce that OpenVAS-Client 1.0.4 has 
just been released.

The source code is already available for download (at 
http://wald.intevation.org/frs/?group_id=29&release_id=189); binary packages 
are expected to follow soon.

This is a consolidation release. Various cleanups and bug fixes are included 
in this release. Most obvious is the simplified connection dialog. Also, some 
changes to be compatible with future Server updates are already integrated 
(OTP, OIDs).

Supported languages: german, spanish, swedish and hebrew.

OpenVAS-Client is licensed under GNU GPLv2 and may be linked
with OpenSSL.

Main changes since 1.0.3:

* new: Reports now show the name and OID of the NVT together with it's 
* new: Support for the upcoming OpenVAS Transport Protocol (OTP) has been
  introduced into OpenVAS-Client.

* improved: Command line parsing has been completely reworked.

* fixed: Fixed issues with credential preferences showing up incorrectly in 
the preferences dialog.
* fixed: Fixed a bug that could result in filename corruption or segmentation
  faults when exporting a report from the OpenVAS-Client GUI.
* fixed: Fixed issues that prevented OpenVAS-Client from compiling without GTK
  support. It is now possible to compile OpenVAS-Client without GUI support if
* fixed: Fixed a bug in report conversion that resulted in incorrect memory
  allocation on certain 64bit installations.
* fixed: Fixed a bug that resulted in a segmentation fault when connecting
  to the server while using an alternate configuration file.
* fixed: Fixed a bug that resulted in a segmentation fault when the user
  supplied an inconclusive filename for the results file in batch mode.
* fixed: Fixed a bug that resulted in a segmentation fault when running
  in batch mode with a non-existent targets file and the html_graph output

* removed: Support for unencrypted connections has been removed from
  OpenVAS-Client since unencrypted connections to the server were no longer
  possible since OpenVAS-Server 0.9.0.
* removed: Support for saving reports in the legacy XML format was removed as
  this format has already been superseded by a new XML format and was marked 
as deprecated.

You can find more information on OpenVAS-Client at:



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