Sorry to bother you again, does anyone have a good idea?

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On 08.06.2017 18:30, Markus Schuster wrote:
> Hello OpenVAS community!
> We're running OpenVAS on CentOS 7, using packages from the Atomic repo.
> Versions:
> openvas-cli-1.4.5-1293.el7.art.x86_64
> openvas-scanner-5.1.1-25.el7.art.x86_64
> openvas-smb-1.0.1-0.2.el7.art.x86_64
> openvas-libraries-9.0.1-25.el7.art.x86_64
> openvas-9.0.0-1244.el7.art.noarch
> openvas-manager-7.0.1-1230.el7.art.x86_64
> greenbone-security-assistant-7.0.2-1245.el7.art.x86_64
> Since Atomic ships OpenVAS 9 (roughly March) we're facing a problem that
> we're unable to solve and seek your advice.
> We have a scheduled task, running every 90 days.
> That task has alerts linked to it. Those alerts are configured to run on
> the "Task run status changed (to Done)" event. They send an e-mail with
> an HTML report attached to it. Not that fancy :)
> Before the upgrade to OpenVAS 9 those reports used to *not* contain
> overridden results (we override the Severity to "False Positive").
> After the upgrade they do.
> Now we modified our alerts to link to a "Report Result Filter" - looks
> like the natural way to do it. That filter looks like the following:
> Type: Result
> Term: min_qod=70 apply_overrides=1 levels=hml first=1 rows=10 sort=name
> ("first=1 rows=10 sort=name" was added automatically on save).
> But no luck, the HTML report attached to the e-mail states:
>> Overrides are off. Even when a result has an override, this report
>> uses the actual threat of the result.
> Before the upgrade the report said:
>> Overrides are on. When a result has an override, this report uses the
>> threat of the override.
> The XSLT for the HTML report [1] seems to check for the
> "apply_overrides" filter keyword (starting in line 954), but it seems
> that filter term never reaches the transformation process?
> btw: The "levels" filter keyword is ignored as well, "log" results are
> still included for example.
> I hope someone can help.
> Best regards,
> Markus
> [1]
> <https://wald.intevation.org/scm/viewvc.php/tags/openvas-manager-release-7.0.1/src/report_formats/HTML/HTML.xsl?root=openvas&sortby=date&view=markup>

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