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> Hello,
> nobody here who can shed any light on this?
> I also asked my question through i...@openvas.org, but no response there
> either.
> 1) Basically, I got an automated reply back, in which the following was
> stated as part of the openvas FAQ:
> "The community contributions of Greenbone (like the Greenbone Community
> Edition or the actual source code) are free of charge. You do have to
> accept the conditions of the GNU General Public License and of some
> other Open Source licenses. "
> So, which licenses are these or where could I find this information?

You should read the GPL. You may want to consult a lawyer, but
unfortunately on many things related to IP or licensing I have heard
the response "I don't know" come up.

I also have ethical concerns about consulting lawyers, because I am
subject to the law every day. How can I be subject to it, even if I
want to be, if it is beyond my understanding if I were not trained in

But to get back to the point: you may distribute OpenVAS with whatever
you desire in whatever way you desire but will need to let people know
that OpenVAS is licensed under the GPL, and that they can obtain the
source from you or somewhere else. Sometimes license holders expect
commercial distributors to provide a mirror, sometimes they don't.

> 2) the website at www.openvas.org clearly states: " If you encounter
> problems with our infrastructure, have legal questions etc, then please
> contact: i...@openvas.org." => I think my questions are definitely
> legal/commercial of nature, but well, I'm going to ask here again too.

I have this feeling people do their best to say nothing about
licensing so they can selectively enforce their license as they see

> 3) the website at www.openvas.org also states: " All OpenVAS products are
> Free Software. Most components are licensed under the GNU General Public
> License (GNU GPL). "  but I can't find any information on the website again.
> Stating "most components" doesn't say a lot.

If the components are not clearly licensed then you should assume they
are under the GPL, because this is what the disclaimer seems to say. I
don't know what would or would not happen in court, but if they didn't
tell you, what more can you do?

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