Hi there,

I am not really aware of the news on OpenVAS since October 2017 when I
ended working on it.
I hoped it would be patched in the newest version.

Le 22/02/2018 à 01:41, Scott Knauss a écrit :

> Second, a questions: any reason not to flush redis once a week? 

Actually, it depends on how many times you SIGKILL OpenVAS every week ;).

As far as I remember, the redis database on the version I was working on
(OpenVAS Scanner 5.1.1 with openvas-libraries
9.0.1) contained the following informations:
  - path to Vulnerability files (NVT)  [if I remember well]
  - scan data during scan run.
  - scan data if scan SIGKILL

Thus it depends on how you plan to flush your database. If you drop
everything, on redis, you will need to retrieve the vulnerability and it
should be done by openvas automatically causing the first scan to be a
bit longer.

If you have some redis knowledge do not hesitate to dig into the
database, this could have changed and I'm not sure about some infos.

Good Luck :),


Yohan Pipereau

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