On 16.02.2018 13:59, Yves Gattegno wrote:
> I'd like to set the parameters so that I can scan all UDP ports but I
> can't figure our which parameters to tune and what values to set.

you probably need to raise the "scanner_plugins_timeout" [1] of your
scan configuration which is a timeout (in seconds) a Port Scanner NVT is
allowed to run.

> I guess than in the port scanner settings, I must change some nmap
> settings, such as host time out and set it to a reasonable value, maybe
> 3 or 5 seconds
> What other parameter should I change to allow an efficicent scanning of
> all UDP ports, knowing that I don't care if such a scan takes more than
> 24 hours?

The NVT "Nmap (NASL wrapper)" OID: from the
"Port scanners" family has various tuning options for nmap. You might
need to consult the nmap manual for more information on those options
and how to configure those to achieve what you're looking for.

> Thanks in advance
> - Yves Gattegno




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