The OpenVPN community project team is proud to release OpenVPN 2.4.7. It
can be downloaded from here:


This is primarily a maintenance release with bugfixes and improvements.
One of the big things is enhanced TLS 1.3 support

Please note that LibreSSL is not a supported crypto backend. We accept
patches and we do test on OpenBSD 6.0 which comes with LibreSSL, but if
newer versions of LibreSSL break API compatibility we do not take
responsibility to fix that.

Also note that  Windows installers have been built with NSIS version
that has been patched against several NSIS installer code execution and
privilege escalation problems:


Based on our testing, though, older Windows versions such as Windows 7
might not benefit from these fixes. We thus strongly encourage you to
always move NSIS installers to a non-user-writeable location before
running them. Our long-term plan is to migrate to using MSI installers

A summary of all included changes is available here:


A full list of changes is available here:


Compared to OpenVPN 2.3 this is a major update with a large number of
new features, improvements and fixes. Some of the major features are
AEAD (GCM) cipher and Elliptic Curve DH key exchange support, improved
IPv4/IPv6 dual stack support and more seamless connection migration when
client's IP address changes (Peer-ID). Also, the new --tls-crypt feature
can be used to increase users' connection privacy.

OpenVPN GUI bundled with the Windows installer has a large number of new
features compared to the one bundled with OpenVPN 2.3. One of major
features is the ability to run OpenVPN GUI without administrator privileges.

For full details, look here:


The new OpenVPN GUI features are documented here:


Please note that OpenVPN 2.4 installers will not work on Windows XP.

For generic help use these support channels:

Official documentation:
Wiki: <>
Forums: <>
User mailing list: <>
User IRC channel: #openvpn at

Please report bugs and ask development questions here:

Bug tracker and wiki: <>
Developer mailing list: <>
Developer IRC channel: #openvpn-devel at (requires
Freenode registration)

Samuli Seppänen
Community Manager
OpenVPN Technologies, Inc

irc freenode net: mattock
Adam Ciarciński (1):
      Fix subnet topology on NetBSD (2.4).

Antonio Quartulli (3):
      add support for %lu in argv_printf and prevent ASSERT
      buffer_list: add functions documentation
      ifconfig-ipv6(-push): allow using hostnames

Arne Schwabe (7):
      Properly free tuntap struct on android when emulating persist-tun
      Add OpenSSL compat definition for RSA_meth_set_sign
      Add support for tls-ciphersuites for TLS 1.3
      Add better support for showing TLS 1.3 ciphersuites in --show-tls
      Use right function to set TLS1.3 restrictions in show-tls
      Add message explaining early TLS client hello failure
      Fallback to password authentication when auth-token fails

Christian Ehrhardt (1):
      systemd: extend CapabilityBoundingSet for auth_pam

David Sommerseth (1):
      plugin: Export base64 encode and decode functions

Gert Doering (4):
      Add %d, %u and %lu tests to test_argv unit tests.
      Fix combination of --dev tap and --topology subnet across multiple 
      Add 'printing of port number' to mroute_addr_print_ex() for v4-mapped v6.
      preparing release v2.4.7 (ChangeLog, version.m4, Changes.rst)

Gert van Dijk (1):
      Minor reliability layer documentation fixes

James Bekkema (1):
      Resolves small IV_GUI_VER typo in the documentation.

Jonathan K. Bullard (1):
      Clarify and expand management interface documentation

Lev Stipakov (5):
      Refactor NCP-negotiable options handling
      init.c: refine functions names and description
      interactive.c: fix usage of potentially uninitialized variable
      options.c: fix broken unary minus usage
      Remove extra token after #endif

Richard van den Berg via Openvpn-devel (1):
      Fix error message when using RHEL init script

Samy Mahmoudi (1):
      man: correct a --redirection-gateway option flag

Selva Nair (7):
      Replace M_DEBUG with D_LOW as the former is too verbose
      Correct the declaration of handle in 'struct 
      Bump version of openvpn plugin argument structs to 5
      Move get system directory to a separate function
      Enable dhcp on tap adapter using interactive service
      Pass the hash without the DigestInfo header to NCryptSignHash()
      White-list pull-filter and script-security in interactive service

Simon Rozman (2):
      Add Interactive Service developer documentation
      Detect TAP interfaces with root-enumerated hardware ID

Steffan Karger (7):
      man: add security considerations to --compress section
      mbedtls: print warning if random personalisation fails
      Fix memory leak after sighup
      travis: add OpenSSL 1.1 Windows build
      Fix --disable-crypto build
      Don't print OCC warnings about 'key-method', 'keydir' and 'tls-auth'
      buffer_list_aggregate_separator(): simplify code

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