New OpenVPN Windows installers have been released. The release
highlights are:

- Latest openvpn-gui
- Latest openvpnserv2 (OpenVPNService)
- Latest tap-windows6 driver
  - ARM64 support
  - NDIS 6.30 support
  - other enhancements
  - fix to local privilege exploit vulnerability

The installers come in two flavors. Windows 7/8/8.1/Server 2012r2:


Windows 10 (any version):


We're unable to release a version for Windows Server 2016 at this point,
 so you need to use the old installer:


We're working on getting tap-windows6 pass the HLK test suite on Windows
Server 2016. This will allow us to get a signature from Microsoft and
release an updated tap-windows6 on that platform as well. While waiting
please avoid running OpenVPN on nodes where all users are not trusted.

For further details see the download page:


Best regards,

Samuli Seppänen
Community Manager
OpenVPN Technologies, Inc

irc freenode net: mattock

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