On Tue, Aug 23, 2016 at 01:55:23AM +0100, debbie10t wrote:
> I need to use --up/--down/--client-connect/disconnect et al ..

You can, but they will run with the user privileges of the user that
runs openvpn-gui by default.  If you need more privileges, you need
to run openvpn.exe or the gui with admin privs.

> How does one run openvpn on *windows* without these "considered"
> security flaws ? or are we all just "lambs to the slaughter"
> from here on in ?

You can use openvpnserv2 to run openvpn.exe with admin privs (and no
gui), or you can set [x] run as admin on the openvpn-gui (as it was done
for 2.3.x).

Most people on windows only need privileges to add/delete routes and
configure IP addresses - this is what the iservice will give you, without
the potential dangers of running openvpn and all scripts with full
admin privs.

(Since you already use git master snapshots, you already have the new
stuff - and since it works for you, nothing to be afraid)

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