On Sun, Sep 18, 2016 at 06:14:09PM +0300, David Sommerseth wrote:
> This looks dangerous and somewhat wrong.  This can actually stop a
> server completely if the ASSERT() check fails.  I'm not sure we want
> to do that.

This was discussed in a github PR, but I do not have the number right

Basically, we *know* that we always call this like this, but if we should
ever call it differently, the alloc_buf_gc() call will lead to funnies
- thus, better ASSERT() in that case, so it's clear the calling contract
has been violated.

> I do see that there might be an issue if separator == NULL
> (strlen(NULL) will segfault), so this needs to be checked far more
> carefully and compared against all the callers of format_hex_ex().

See PR :)

(And yes, if things are discussed in a PR and patches get then sent
to the list months(!) later, it would be useful to actually mention the
PR in the commit message - "commit --amend" before sending)

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