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> I tested the 64 bit installer on Windows 7 Enterprise using default
> settings. It ran smoothly. I notice that now there are 3 services - OpenVPN
> Interactive Service (appears started automatic)
> - OpenVPN Legacy Service (manual)
> - OpenVPNService (manual)
> Any pointers to documentation about this?

> I use OpenVPN-MI-GUI. I had to start OpenVPNService to connect to my
> server. Other than that, it worked fine.

To add to what Samuli wrote:

With MI-GUI, all you have to do is just start OpenVPNService (same as
previous previous versions) -- under the hood the service has changed, but
the functionality is the same.

That said, if the reason for using MI-GUI is to avoid running the GUI as
admin, now there is a better way. Do not run OpenVPNService and start
OpenVPN GUI included in the distribution as normal user. It will start
openvpn as normal user assisted by the interactive service (which is
automatically started). The main advantage is that both the GUI and
openvpn.exe will run as normal user minimizing code run as admin.

Also there are a number of improvements in the GUI including ability to
store config files in user profile, menu to import the config file to the
right location, optionally remember passwords,  support for prompting
static challenge, configuration menu for all options (no need to edit the
registry) etc.

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