This series is a direct outcome of the incident with my previous
patch. I've taken on struct argv and related functions and made
them like I please.

For a more detailed description what's happening see the
comments in the individual patches:

[PATCH 1/7] put argv_* functions into own file, add unit tests
[PATCH 2/7] Remove unused and unecessary argv interfaces
[PATCH 3/7] remove unused system_str from struct argv
[PATCH 4/7] Factor out %sc handling from argv_printf()
[PATCH 5/7] re-implement argv_printf_*()
[PATCH 6/7] argv: do fewer memory re-allocations
[PATCH 7/7] Add gc_arena to struct argv to save allocations

Code hase only been unit tested, so I'd really also like
feedback from someone actually running the code.
And if it be buildbot...


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