Il 30/11/2016 11:58, Илья Шипицин ha scritto:
>         (and, yes, I'm going to build multi-language installer, probably
>         right
>         after 2.4 release)
>     This makes sense. Any plans on how you're going to do it?
> as we do not support windows 2000 anymore, we can easily switch to unicode.
> there are few questions
> 1) unicode nsis under linux (we use windows+mingw+nsis unicode, so, I'm
> not sure about linux)

Unicode seems to be present in Linux NSIS versions, according to this:


The build computers need to be updated to a quite recent NSIS version, 

> 2) split installer into several language files (as done for openvpn-gui)

We'd also need to detect the language the user is using to select the 
correct one. I personally don't like manual language selector as they 
add one more step to the install process.

> 3) test everything
> it is not difficult, but it is time consuming, I'm afraid we will test
> it properly before 2.4

The plan is to release 2.5 pretty quickly after 2.4. Also, installer 
changes do not necessarily need to go in sync with OpenVPN releases.

>     Another internationalization aspect we could improve is how we store
>     translations for OpenVPN-GUI. Editing the resource files directly is
>     clumsy and error-prone, as the files contain lots of "stuff" that is
>     not meant to be translated. A simple key-value file would be much
>     easier, although in OpenVPN-GUI's case the hardcoded window sizes
>     make this more complex.
> it makes sense to convert openvpn-gui resources into visual studio format.
> @selvanair some times ago told something like that.

Hmm, interesting, will need to look into it. Any format that could be 
loaded by a translation memory application is better than what we have 
now. Simple key-value resource files are also easy to convert into other 
similar formats, if necessary.

> as for the rest, separate resources are just fine.
>     Also I'm not sure how easy it would be to separate the translatable
>     strings into a separate file. I would guess that the actual .res
>     files could be generated on the fly from a template and the
>     key-value file by the build scripts.
> it looks overcomplicated. some kind of "post build operation" which will
> identifies missing language resources would be nice however

Yeah, it could be hairy. Let's look into this in depth later.

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