Il 02/12/2016 05:54, Илья Шипицин ha scritto:
> unicode nsis is different from ansi nsis. for example, nsProcess needs
> different dll.

Ok. More research is needed to see what is involved, then.

> and, unicode nsis is not shipped in most common Linux repo (you need to
> install it separately).

Indeed, that was my impression. So far I've only seen NSIS 2.46 or so in 
the distribution repositories, and the link I provided talked about NSIS 
3.0b or something.

> taking the above into account, I think, I should repack the above
> packages as "makensis3" instead of "makensis".

You mean creating deb/rpm packages for updated NSIS? I think manually 
installing updated NSIS would be good enough, if repackaging proves to 
be too much of an effort.

> @mattock, which linux distro do you use for release building ?

Right now Ubuntu 14.04, but I should upgrade to 16.04 soon.

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