In the installer, interactive service is tied to the installation of
automatic service (openvpnserv2) --- if you opt not to install
openvpnserv2, interactive service is also disabled. You can install
openvpnserv2 without installing the interactive service, but not the other

I think we should consider interactive service as a requirement for
properly running the GUI (note that we do not set the GUI to request admin
rights anymore). So I suggest:

1. Always install the interactive service along with openvpn core (and set
up the required HKLM registry entries) OR at least automatically select
interactive service if the GUI is selected.

I prefer the first option as that service doesn't do anything unless a
client connects to its service pipe, and has some uses even without the GUI.

2. Make it possible to uncheck automatic service (openvpnserv2)  without
unchecking interactive service.

A vast majority of installations would need only openvpn core, the GUI and
interactive service. Most users will not use the automatic service
(openvpnserv2) at all. Given that the latter requires .NET 4.0 which means
an additional 50MB+ download for some, a very slow installation and
possible restarts, forcing it on to get interactive service is not good.

That said we could still leave openvpnserv2 selected by default as changing
that at this stage may be unwise. Hopefully many Windows users may already
have .NET 4.0 or higher installed.


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