Anno domini 2016 Gert Doering scripsit:

Hi Gert, *

> On Sun, Oct 30, 2016 at 02:48:25PM +0100, Maximilian Wilhelm wrote:
> > Can I motivate anyone on commenting on or applying this? :)
> You're keeping me busy on multiple fronts :-9 - and since this is networking,
> it's mostly me who gets to review this.
> What's complicating this is that it's also "infrastructure work" (as in
> lying the groundworks for a new class of system-dependent features) so
> we should get it right.  "Bug fix" is much easier to review ("reproduce,
> apply, see it fixes the bug, done").
> Not forgotten, though.

Any thoughs on this in the meantime? :-)

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 metric of real-world performance."
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