On 24/08/18 12:11, Arne Schwabe wrote:

with this mail I would like to discuss the way forward for compression.


Our default configuration has not compression enabled. So our default
configuration is safe from Voracle.


I would like to have some feedback what the rest of you thinks

This could be improved..



# WARNING: Enabling compression has known attacks, see VORACLE

# Enable compression on the VPN link and push the
# option to the client (v2.4+ only, for earlier
# versions see below)
;compress lz4-v2
;push "compress lz4-v2"

# This is the recommended configuration
;compress stub
;push "compress stub"

# For compression compatible with older clients use comp-lzo
# If you enable it here, you must also
# enable it in the client config file.

# This is the recommended configuration
;comp-lzo no
;push "comp-lzo no"

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