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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Wednesday 1st May 2019
Time: 11:30 CEST (9:30 UTC)

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cron2, erict, janjust and mattock participated in this meeting.


Discussed tap-windows6 HLK testing. Mattock started work on the HLK
testing setup again. Based on discussion with zx2c4 and rozmansi we can
probably get away with two signature sets - cross-signed and WHQL.
Pulling that off apparently requires three different HLK clients:

- Windows Server 2019 (64-bit),
- Windows Server 2019 core (64-bit)
- Windows 10 desktop (32-bit)

Covering all these with a single signature simplifies the installer part
quite a bit. Which of these HLK client can or can't be virtual is a
mystery. The wintun driver did not require any physical HLK clients, but
tap-windows6 test scope is much wider, so nobody knows the answer.

The older Windows platforms are happy with cross-signed drivers.


Noted that there were no updates on OpenVPN 2.5. Also noted that
reviewing patches in Patchwork was not possible as most of the devs were
not present in this meeting.


Noted that the OpenVPN 2.5 mini-hackathon is on the upcoming Friday
(starts in the CEST morning).


Full chatlog attached.

Samuli Seppänen
Community Manager
OpenVPN Technologies, Inc

irc freenode net: mattock

(12:27:52) mattock: hi all!
(12:27:58) cron2_: mattockman!
(12:28:08) cron2_: so, how's your picknick?
(12:28:27) mattock: not that far yet, so I can be fairly present while doing 
(12:28:50) mattock: we don't have any particular agendat today: 
(12:28:52) vpnHelper: Title: Topics-2019-05-01 – OpenVPN Community (at 
(12:29:17) mattock: chipitsine wanted to discuss enabling cirrus-ci at some 
(12:29:30) mattock: I'm not opposed if it is about flipping a switch in GitHub 
and getting a bit more testing that way
(12:29:39) cron2_: I think we're waiting for a reason why we'd want that...
(12:29:58) mattock: tap-windows6 vise I started building the HLK testing setup
(12:30:31) mattock: also, based on discussion with zx2c4 and rozmansi we can 
probably get away with two signature sets - cross-signed and whql
(12:31:04) erict [b4966b98@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] è entrato 
nella stanza.
(12:31:22) mattock: pulling that off apparently requires three different HLK 
clients: one Windows Server 2019 (64-bit), one Windows Server 2019 core 
(64-bit), one Windows 10 desktop (32-bit)
(12:31:32) mattock: so the installer part would be simplified quite a bit
(12:31:44) mattock: our HLK setup is not up-to-par with this yet, but we can 
make it so
(12:31:53) mattock: which of these can or can't be virtual is a mystery
(12:32:27) mattock: wintun driver did not require any physical HLK clients, but 
tap-windows6 test scope is much wider, so nobody probably has the answer
(12:32:38) mattock: that's all about tap-windows6 from my end
(12:32:55) cron2_: thanks :-) - good to hear you're making progress behind the 
(12:34:12) mattock: janjust: btw. I don't seem to have your mailing address for 
the T-shirt (in case you're here)
(12:34:25) janjust: mattock1, I will send it in private
(12:36:21) mattock: ecrist as well btw :)
(12:36:32) mattock: ok, next topic?
(12:37:15) janjust: just a quick question:  I had an off-list discussion with 
dazo & syzzer about the command line option --genkey
(12:37:26) janjust: I proposed to write a patch for it - would that be in time 
for 2.5?
(12:37:39) cron2_: the sooner the better
(12:37:48) janjust: I'll get on it
(12:37:56) cron2_: there are a number of patches waiting for a decision and 
code for that...
(12:38:13) cron2_: (the auth-token-patchset from plaisthos is one of them)
(12:38:27) erict: Hey all, just wanted to pop in and see if anyones had a 
chance to have a look at the "Send auth fail to client on reneg failure" and 
arne's auth-token patchset
(12:39:01) cron2_: erict: that's all pending and waiting for some final word on 
the --genkey bits
(12:39:15) erict: no worries, cheers
(12:39:28) cron2_: dazo and plaisthos (arne) had long discussions on that, and 
i'm not sure they settled... but both are not here today
(12:40:17) mattock: ecrist: PM me your mailing address to receive your T-shirt 
(12:40:29) mattock: oh wrong person I guess, misread :)
(12:40:38) mattock: erict is probably too far from ecrist to be a typo? :P
(12:41:00) cron2_: since ecrist never makes it to a meeting, I think so :-)
(12:41:08) erict: oh was that aimed at me?
(12:41:23) cron2_: erict: only if you happen to be ecrist :)
(12:41:40) erict: I do not :)
(12:41:49) janjust: I misread his name too  :)
(12:43:21) cron2_: human reading error correction is fairly amazing
(12:43:26) mattock: indeed
(12:46:58) mattock: ok next topic?
(12:47:18) cron2_: this is going to be a short meeting :)
(12:47:36) mattock: short meeting is always a good meeting :)
(12:47:46) ***cron2_ has no update on 2.5, and none of the usual suspects are 
here to discuss patchwork...
(12:48:02) cron2_: but I stick to my plan for "this friday is reserved for 
OpenVPN work", so maybe it works out
(12:48:18) mattock: yes we must not forget
(12:48:22) mattock: I have it in my calendar
(12:48:40) mattock: I'll probably work on HLK though, but I will be available 
if anyone needs someone
(12:48:42) cron2_: cool
(12:49:43) mattock: end of meeting then!
(12:49:56) cron2_: yep :-) - see you on Friday!
(12:50:02) mattock: you too! bye all!
(12:50:08) cron2_: *wave*
(12:50:25) janjust: that was quick ;)

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