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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Wednesday 15th May 2019
Time: 11:30 CEST (9:30 UTC)

Planned meeting topics for this meeting were here:


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dazo, lev, mattock, ordex, plaisthos, rozmansi, syzzer and zx2c4
participated in this meeting.


Mattock gave a brief tap-windows6 HLK testing update. He's working on an
OpenVPN setup that HLK tests would be happy with. The simplistic version
proposed by cron2 did not work as-is.


Talked about the wintun driver. Lev managed to make it work on openvpn3
with a fairly small amount of work. It was agreed that integrating it
with openvpn2 makes sense.


Discussed the location of the next hackathon. Decided on Trento, Italy,
where ordex lives at the moment. Ordex will create a Doodle poll for the
hackathon. Other proposed alternatives were Delft, Netherlands and Oulu,


Discussed the patches in patchwork. The sitnl patches have been ACKed
and cron2 wants to work them in tonight. Dazo is working on patches for
auth-token hmac from plaisthos.


Agreed that mini-hackathons will be organized on "Fridays after Thursday
meetings". Mattock will mention the mini-hackathons in the the monthly
meeting invitation emails.


Full chatlog attached.

Samuli Seppänen
Community Manager
OpenVPN Technologies, Inc

irc freenode net: mattock

(12:41:43) mattock: back at my laptop finally
(12:42:05) mattock: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/Topics-2019-05-15
(12:42:06) vpnHelper: Title: Topics-2019-05-15 – OpenVPN Community (at 
(12:43:06) dazo: so ... tap-windows6 update?
(12:43:07) mattock: so it seems we have the usual stuff only
(12:43:26) mattock: working on openvpn setup that HLK would be happy with
(12:43:46) mattock: what gert proposed does not work as-is
(12:44:03) mattock: my original client-server setup worked fine for the most 
(12:44:13) mattock: but we don't need to discuss the gory details in this 
(12:44:35) lev__: hello
(12:44:38) mattock: hi lev!
(12:44:56) plaisthos: I am here
(12:45:04) plaisthos: hey all
(12:45:13) mattock: so many people and cron2 said he'd be a tad late
(12:45:50) ordex: hey hey
(12:46:46) mattock: hi!
(12:46:53) mattock: we're breaking record numbers today :)
(12:47:00) mattock: now we'd just need to discuss something :)
(12:47:36) syzzer: do we have plans for the hackathon this year already?
(12:47:39) lev__: I have some news on Wintun
(12:47:45) syzzer: let's do that first
(12:48:06) lev__: So I was able to make openvpn3 work with wintun
(12:49:10) lev__: I had to do (a few) changes to openvpn3, but nothing drastic. 
Also a small change to wintun to allow non-LocalSystem processes to open device
(12:49:18) rozmansi: @lev__ nice... Any first impressions, thoughts?
(12:49:31) plaisthos: syzzer: there an idea floating around that we all invade 
ordex's place
(12:50:09) rozmansi: @lev__ ah yes, I have that patch for non-LocalSystem for 
my testing too.
(12:50:30) dazo: rumours has it ordex won big time on a bitcoin bet, so he 
bought a massive mansion up on the Italian alps ........
(12:51:10) lev__: I found a bug in wintun readme :) I didn't have time yet to 
run proper performance tests, but with remote VPN server I got same performance 
of tap-windows6 and wintun. I plan to run it against VPN server in local 
network, preferably in AWS
(12:51:13) plaisthos: no that was syzzer collegue
(12:51:16) ordex: :D
(12:52:07) lev__: so maybe after testing and stabilising openvpn3, we could add 
wintun support to openvpn2
(12:52:21) ordex: I am looking for options here - I have space in a coworking 
space and they have meeting rooms
(12:52:28) ordex: with restaurants nearby and so on 
(12:52:34) plaisthos: ordex also lives in a strange place where everyone is 
Italian but some people respond in Austrian if they detect your German Accent
(12:54:47) syzzer: that sounds perfect
(12:54:48) mattock: +1 for wintun
(12:55:05) syzzer: both the wintun results, plans and the hackathon solution
(12:56:19) mattock: I don't mind invading italy, and germans already have 
experience on it
(12:56:24) mattock: +1
(12:56:38) mattock: I'm referring to ~400AD
(12:56:50) dazo: :-P
(12:57:04) lev__: ah, old good times when we were young
(12:57:07) mattock: indeed
(12:57:19) mattock: when ships were of wood and men were of iron
(12:57:29) mattock: anyways
(12:57:32) syzzer: yeah, Italy sounds great. Otherwise I could also invite you 
to Delft again
(12:57:46) syzzer: but let's keep that as a backup
(12:57:58) lev__: or we can meet in Oulu, Northern Finland
(12:58:14) mattock: I would not mind that either
(12:58:22) syzzer: lev__: sounds good to, just maybe in summer then?
(12:58:35) mattock: maybe in mid-winter when you can go skiing etc.
(12:58:42) dazo: +1 for summer time in Oulu :)
(12:58:44) mattock: summer is gree nwinter there
(12:58:46) lev__: yes, summer is definitely better here weather-wise
(12:58:46) plaisthos: mattock1: I like light
(12:59:15) syzzer: though skiing sounds good too
(12:59:31) ordex: :D so many options now hehe
(12:59:31) mattock: there's actually snow that far up north, unlike here - you 
never know
(12:59:39) mattock: is there snow there ordex?
(12:59:45) ordex: now yes
(12:59:48) ordex: even though it was not expected
(12:59:59) lev__: I wouldn't mind to visit Italy
(13:00:12) mattock: everybody seems to be in agreement about italy
(13:00:18) dazo: Italy, Delft, Oulu .... that's a nice line-up :)
(13:00:40) dazo: mattock1++
(13:00:52) mattock: it has been decided then
(13:00:53) syzzer: ordex: you in Trento, right?
(13:01:32) ordex: right
(13:01:34) dazo: But .... perhaps syzzer and lev__ could already consider if 
they want to invite for next years hackathon ... so we can plan that a bit more 
earlier than last years ...
(13:01:38) lev__: rozmansi: do you have skype or something? I might have a few 
stupid questions about wintun
(13:01:49) dazo: lev__: appear.in!
(13:01:50) lev__: rozmansi: or shall I ask them on #wireguard
(13:02:04) zx2c4: lev__: ask them in #wireguard
(13:02:05) dazo: zx2c4 ^^^
(13:02:12) dazo: ahh, you were here :)
(13:03:11) zx2c4: lev__: [reading backlog] can you submit a patch for your bug 
in the readme?
(13:04:18) zx2c4: lev__: alternatively, you can query me directly here on IRC
(13:05:05) lev__: zx2c4: sure. That's about padding size calculation, "4+" 
seems to be unnecessary
(13:05:11) zx2c4: lev__: you dont need to change the ACL permissions to use it 
as administrator
(13:06:19) zx2c4: lev__: that might be right...
(13:06:59) lev__: zx2c4: hm.. I'll double check. IIRC it didn't work when I ran 
my app via remote debugger running as administrator
(13:11:34) zx2c4: lev__: confirmed the 4+ is required
(13:11:34) zx2c4: thanks
(13:11:36) zx2c4: fixing.
(13:13:28) zx2c4: lev__: pushed.
(13:13:38) mattock: open source at work
(13:13:45) mattock: shall we move on?
(13:14:09) dazo: yupp!
(13:15:32) mattock: so we have 2.5 and patchwork
(13:15:44) zx2c4: lev__: er, i meant *not* required. but you get the idea
(13:15:44) mattock: any patches that would need coordination?
(13:15:46) ***cron2 is here!
(13:15:48) cron2: sorry
(13:16:07) mattock: np
(13:17:43) mattock: anything to add to the above cron2?
(13:18:41) cron2: what didnt work in the HLK setup I proposed?
(13:18:53) mattock: cron2: can we discuss that outside of the meeting on 
(13:18:57) mattock: it could take a while
(13:19:06) cron2: if you stop disconnecting every few minutes :-)
(13:19:16) mattock: I only disconnect several times a day :D
(13:19:17) cron2: otherwise, fine with me
(13:19:29) mattock: I know, the bouncer
(13:19:44) mattock: anything to discuss regarding 2.5 or patchwork patches?
(13:19:44) cron2: anyway - 2.5 and patchwork
(13:19:59) cron2: I got all I need for sitnl now (-1 and 1..7 all ACKed), want 
to work them in tonight
(13:20:44) cron2: last Friday's hackathon was semi-successful ("someone besides 
me and mattock showed up!") - we can improve on this :-)
(13:20:51) dazo: nice!  I'm planning to get a chance to rewiew Arne's patches 
for the auth-token hmac stuff
(13:21:26) dazo: cron2: I was present ... but was "hidden" working on some 
other patches for openvpn2 ... hope to have that ready too in not too far future
(13:21:44) cron2: good enough :)
(13:21:50) dazo: (the plug-in improvements Greg Cox provided ended up being 
more work than initially expected)
(13:21:58) mattock: next hackathon friday next week, right? I'm not 100% sure 
we actually decided to follow the "Friday after Thursday meeting" schedule
(13:22:08) cron2: nobody objected
(13:22:12) mattock: ok
(13:22:19) mattock: it is official then
(13:22:32) mattock: easy to remember, and I'll add that to June's invitation 
(13:22:56) dazo: This Friday is a public holiday (constitution day) ... I'll be 
mostly unavailable on Friday, but will try to get some community work done 
today and tomorrow
(13:22:57) cron2: I'll be sitting in airports and plane for half the day 
(flight leaves at 12, arrives back home at 4, plus travel to/from airport = 10 
to 5:30)
(13:23:01) cron2: dazo: n ext friday
(13:23:09) cron2: "the one after thursday's meeting"
(13:23:31) cron2: but getting work done any other day is always welcome :-)
(13:23:53) cron2: (the "agree on a day" thing is mostly to help with 
review/next version cycle delays)
(13:25:14) dazo: yeah
(13:26:44) mattock: 4 minutes left
(13:27:01) mattock: anything else to discuss?
(13:27:29) syzzer: who sends the hackathon doodle?
(13:28:09) syzzer: traditionally that's done by the host, *hint*
(13:28:14) mattock: :)
(13:28:30) mattock: indeed, because without the host organizing the hackathon 
would be challenging
(13:28:38) mattock: ordex: this landed on your plate it seems :D
(13:29:06) ***cron2 has nothing else
(13:29:44) syzzer: good, time for lunch then :)
(13:29:44) ordex: lol sounds like it
(13:29:54) ordex: I will provide some more details later on
(13:30:02) plaisthos: syzzer: did you see my question if of not sending the 
--auth digest for ncp in #openvpn-devel?
(13:30:17) plaisthos: shoudl we just assume both client and server always have 
the same?
(13:31:37) mattock: ok official meeting over - people are leaving for lunch 
already :)

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