On Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 10:34:01PM +0300, Lev Stipakov wrote:
>      ack_message_t ack;
>      struct gc_arena gc = gc_new();
> -    if (!send_msg_iservice(pipe, rt, size, &ack, "ROUTE"))
> +    if (!send_msg_iservice(pipe, rt, size, &ack, sizeof(ack), "ROUTE"))

I do not like this.  Please find another way to send the request message
"with length" than to add an extra parameter to every single caller of 

Possibly introduce a wrapper for the "standard" case which calls a new
function send_msg_iservice_ex() that takes a length field for the return 
data type.  And the open wintun / return handle would then use _ex().


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