On Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 4:38 PM Lev Stipakov <lstipa...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>> The way interactive service structures are coded should not require
>> this at all, does it? The size and message type are already in the
>> header, so why do we need to pass it?
> But we need to know the response size in send_msg_iservice() since
> we pass it to ReadFile(). So far we assumed that response is always 
> ask_message_t
> and we could do sizeof(*ack). With new response type this assumption doesn't 
> hold so
> as Gert suggested I added another version which accepts arbitrary response 
> type and size.

My point is that, this is not in the spirit of the rest of iservice code. See
HandleMessage in interactive.c where the data is and then interpreted
using the header type and size.

For what max-size to pass to ReadFile, we know it from the size in the header
element of the struct.


> bool
> send_msg_iservice(HANDLE pipe, const void *data, size_t size,
>                   ack_message_t *ack, const char *context)
> {
>     return send_msg_iservice_ex(pipe, data, size, ack, sizeof(*ack), context);
> }
> bool
> send_msg_iservice_ex(HANDLE pipe, const void *data, size_t size,
>                      void *response, size_t response_size, const char 
> *context)
> {
> Will send V2 tomorrow with this and CreateFileW changes.
> --
> -Lev

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