On Fri, Jun 28, 2019 at 05:43:13PM -0400, Selva Nair wrote:
> That's what lev's patch would do, but it wont respect the registry key
> which is "supposed" to toggle non-admin access to tap-windows6
> adapters on and off.

I'm still not following, sorry.  Maybe I did not review the patch enough
(I stopped after the "lots of extra arguments" bit and wanted to do more,
but then family and too-warm weather stole attention).

So Lev's patch proposes to do service calls for wintun *and* tap6, and
do so "always"?  Or only if the registry key says so?

> > With a registry key to re-enable "full
> > access as today", for compat reasons.
> For some reason that registry key appears to be doing nothing in
> current versions of tap-windows6. I know this is confusing...

This sounds like a bug...

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