Am 16.08.19 um 16:14 schrieb Juliusz Sosinowicz:
> This patch adds the option to use wolfSSL as the ssl backend. To build
> this patch:

That is great and it is also a very big patch. I skimmed only through
the patch.

+    o->ciphername = "AES-256-CBC";
     o->ciphername = "BF-CBC";

Such silent changes that OpenVPN behaves different, is something we
would like to avoid. Better to error out in this case than to behave

Overall the WolfSSL feels to be a bit similar to OpenSSL. Is there any
compatibility you are aiming at?

Also it would be nice to have a summary for people on the OpenVPN

- Why WolfSSL in OpenVPN instead of mbed or OpenSSL
- What features does WolfSSL offer in OpenVPN that mbed/OpenSSL don't have
- What is missing with WolfSSL?

That should also good to have in the patch like README.mbedtls.

And one of the important question is:

What are your future plans in terms of involvement in OpenVPN
development and maintaince? I think since you are first time contributer
and this a big patch, that is something resonable to ask.


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