Hi Juliusz,
On 16/08/2019 16:14, Juliusz Sosinowicz wrote:
> This patch adds the option to use wolfSSL as the ssl backend. To build
> this patch:
> 1. wolfSSL needs to be built with the `--enable-all` configure option.
> 2. OpenVPN must be built with the `--with-crypto-library=wolfssl`
>    configure option.

first of all thanks a lot for your contribution!

I have looked at wolfSSL more than a year ago and back then it was
implementing an OpenSSL compatibility layer, so that it could be used as
drop-in replacement in all those programs using OpenSSL as main TLS library.

Is this layer still in place?
If so, why not using it to link OpenVPN against wolfSSL rather than
adding yet another backend?

The reason why I ask is that adding a new crypto backend drastically
increases the maintenance cost for us. Therefore, reducing the change
required in OpenVPN would be extremely beneficial.

Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,

Antonio Quartulli

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