Hi Steffan,

Out of curiosity: does the (signed) driver from wintun.net not work? Of so,
> why?

It does. It is just not usable for openvpn yet because:

1)  Wintun is distributed as msm module, which is supposed to be integrated
into MSI installer.
Our MSI installer doesn't support wintun yet.

2) One can install wireguard client, which installs wintun, however it
still won't work
for openvpn out of the box. Wireguard creates tun adapter on demand, and
expects it to already exist. So if you try to use openvpn with wintun after
installing wireguard
you'll get error "no tun adapters found" (or something). This is not a
problem, since
we have "tapctl" tool which can create/list/delete tun/tap adapters. It
does not work with
wintun, though, since it has hardcoded "tap0901" hardware id. I plan to
make it customizable
so one could create wintun adapter by running something like "tapctl.exe
create --name openvpn-wintun --hwid wintun".
We could consider creating tun adapter on demand, but this increases
connection time by a few seconds.

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