Hi Paolo,

On 01/10/2019 14:06, Paolo Cerrito wrote:
> From: paolo <paolo.cerr...@uniroma2.it>

On June 27th another patch with the same subject was sent by you to this
mailing list. Is this new patch any different?

If so, it should bear a "v2" in the subject and the differences should
be explicitly mentioned to ease the review.

On top of that I commented your original patch with the following:

> Why do we need this change?
> What benefit does it give us?
> How can it be used?

> IMHO it would be nice to add these pieces of information to the commit
> message (right now it feels .. "empty"  )

But it seems that none of this information has been added to the commit
message (and it is still empty).
Could you please take care of that, so to make the review easier for who
is not deep into those lines of code you have changed?

Thanks a lot.

Antonio Quartulli

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