On Tue, Oct 1, 2019 at 1:02 PM Antonio Quartulli <a...@unstable.cc> wrote:

> Hi Paolo,
> On 01/10/2019 14:06, Paolo Cerrito wrote:
> > From: paolo <paolo.cerr...@uniroma2.it>
> On June 27th another patch with the same subject was sent by you to this
> mailing list. Is this new patch any different?
> If so, it should bear a "v2" in the subject and the differences should
> be explicitly mentioned to ease the review.
> On top of that I commented your original patch with the following:
> > Why do we need this change?
> > What benefit does it give us?
> > How can it be used?
> > IMHO it would be nice to add these pieces of information to the commit
> > message (right now it feels .. "empty"  )
> But it seems that none of this information has been added to the commit
> message (and it is still empty).
> Could you please take care of that, so to make the review easier for who
> is not deep into those lines of code you have changed?

Aha, I missed the previous thread. Looks like this one is the same
patch as the previous one.

Paolo: please improve on the commit message, address the comments,
and submit a v2 with the message-id of this one in --in-reply-to.

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