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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Wednesday 2nd October 2019
Time: 11:30 CEST (9:30 UTC)

Planned meeting topics for this meeting were here:


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cron2, dazo, lev, mattock, ordex, rozmansi and syzzer participated in
this meeting.


Discussed tap-windows6. Mattock produced a test installer which includes
two PRs:


An installer for Windows 10 and Server 2016/2019 is here:


It has only been install-tested so far.


Discussed the VLAN patchset. At the moment it is compiled in by default,
but can be disabled at build time with --disable-vlan. This approach
seemed adequate for all. The changes the patchset makes are fairly
non-intrusive (no effect on tun mode, very minimal effect on tap mode).

A new round of VLAN patches with minor fixes is coming up soon.


Discussed the OpenVPN 2.5 release.

Syzzer will have a look at Lev's wintun patches and wintun installer.

Ordex will work on client-connect and transport-API after VLAN patchset
is done.

Dazo will look into the struct argv overhaul patches.


Discussed OpenVPN 2.4.8 release. Agreed that it will be based on
"release/2.4" branch, an updated tap-windows6 installer (see above) and
the "openssl: Fix compilation without deprecated OpenSSL 1.1 APIs" patch:



Full chatlog attached.

(12:30:37) mattock: howdy
(12:30:42) rozmansi: hi
(12:31:50) lev__: hello
(12:34:26) mattock: anyone else?
(12:34:48) mattock: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/Topics-2019-10-02
(12:34:49) vpnHelper: Title: Topics-2019-10-02 – OpenVPN Community (at 
(12:35:17) lev__: no, just me and Simon having wintun party here 
(12:35:17) mattock: I can cover #3 quickly while waiting
(12:35:34) mattock: the signing computer is up again which mean I can produce a 
test installer
(12:35:41) mattock: for tap-windows6, including the two PRs
(12:36:42) mattock: the rest of the topics will require input from cron2 and 
(12:36:59) mattock: anything outside of the topic list we should bring up?
(12:37:06) ordex: here here
(12:37:08) cron2: I want output, not input :)
(12:37:17) mattock: :D
(12:37:23) mattock: hi guys btw!
(12:37:40) mattock: topic #1vlan patches / --enable-vlan or --disable-vlan?  or 
no #ifdef at all? 
(12:37:55) ordex: right
(12:37:56) ordex: so
(12:37:58) syzzer: hi :)
(12:38:10) ordex: the implementation now enables VLAN code by default at 
compile time
(12:38:10) mattock: oh hi syzzer!
(12:38:14) cron2: that is my input - "what do we want this to be?" - but 
usually dazo is the one with strong opinions here
(12:38:17) cron2: hi syzzer
(12:38:17) ***dazo is here
(12:38:20) ordex: and it can be compiled out by providing --disable-vlan
(12:39:10) ordex: this way everybody gets the functionality without any hassle
(12:39:11) dazo: what is the impact of this feature, code wise?  Intrusive?  
How useful is this for "everyone"?
(12:39:44) ordex: it touches code paths in multi.c (server side) and is not too 
intruisive if you ask me
(12:39:59) syzzer: how much would this code impact setups that doe not enable 
any vlan functionality in their config?
(12:40:00) cron2: it intrudes on tap mode, adds a few extra clauses and a new 
vlan.c, and a few (not much) kbyte of code
(12:40:10) cron2: syzzer: not at all
(12:40:27) syzzer: so why make it compile-time configurable it all then?
(12:40:28) cron2: (and not in the tun code path at all)
(12:40:28) ordex: well, there are "ifs" that will of course lead to "skip the 
vlan logic"
(12:40:32) syzzer: less ifdefs, more better
(12:40:42) cron2: ordex did it without visible #ifdefs
(12:40:52) ordex: it's all hidden in vlan.h
(12:41:01) ordex: the code has no ifdef VLAN anywhere
(12:41:14) dazo: then I think --disable-vlan is reasonable ... I see the 
argument of "no #ifdef" ... but I think brand new features can have the 
advantage of disabling them when debugging odd behaviours
(12:41:17) cron2: aka, vlan.h has lots of "vlan_make_decision()" functions 
which either get compiled to "the condition" or "no vlan, return 0" inlines
(12:41:21) syzzer: ah, good. then "I don't care" :)
(12:41:57) ordex: :D
(12:42:00) cron2: ordex: there you go, dazo has spoken :)
(12:42:25) dazo: if you are 100% convinced this will not cause any negative 
impact for any configuration, I'm willing to be more relaxed on #ifdef
(12:42:40) cron2: dazo: I expected you to go for "we want new features 
default-off, and thus --enable-vlan"  - and before we have this discussion 
*after* merging, I wanted to bring it up first :-)
(12:43:01) dazo: :)
(12:43:14) ordex: hehe
(12:43:23) cron2: dazo: 100% for tun, 99% for tap (I do not see any possible 
impact, but I might be wrong)
(12:43:24) dazo: Probably (or rather hopefully!) getting older and wiser ;-)
(12:44:01) cron2: ok, done.  Now I have to leave anyway, but I got my answer - 
thanks :-)
(12:44:06) ordex: well, we have to throw it in the wild to see the bugs :p
(12:44:11) ordex: hehe
(12:44:12) ordex: goed !
(12:44:55) cron2: (which actually brings us to "updates on 2.5" - vlan patches 
have had their first round of review, things are looking mostly nice, I 
complained about stylistic things, but nothing dramatic - new round to be 
expected "soonish!")
(12:45:06) cron2: plaisthos auth-token stuff has been fully merged
(12:45:34) dazo: thx!
(12:45:45) ordex: client-connect and transport-API are next on my list after 
we're donew it the VLANs
(12:45:52) dazo: I'll have a look at the struct argv overhaul patches ... 
rebase them on latest master and see if there's anything else to fix
(12:46:41) ordex: oky
(12:51:20) lev__: did anyone had a chance to look at wintun patches / wintun 
installer ?
(12:51:31) syzzer: lev__: not yet, but I do plan to
(12:51:48) syzzer: mostly the integration into openvpn
(12:52:37) lev__: nice, thanks!
(12:53:23) syzzer: I'm considering to ship openvpn-nl with wintun. Less code, 
less attack surface.
(12:55:00) ordex: yap, from that perspective should be much better than 
(12:56:10) mattock: 2.4 release?
(12:57:37) syzzer: 2.4.8?
(12:59:13) ordex: yap
(12:59:30) ordex: what do we miss before being able to make this release ?
(12:59:35) ordex: I geuss we wanted to wait for tap-windows ?
(12:59:48) mattock: I'm producing a test installer while you talk
(13:00:02) ordex: do we still want to wait for that actually ?
(13:00:15) cron2: I need input on whether there are unmerged patches that need 
to go in
(13:00:58) mattock: cabinet file being scanned and hopefully signed by MS now
(13:01:32) mattock: I think we should bundle the tap-windows6 release with 
2.4.8 release if possible
(13:02:20) dazo: that's what we've been waiting for with the 2.4.8 release 
since the beginning, right?  Due to some important fixes in tap-windows6, right?
(13:02:21) mattock: it is not a biggie unless some issues are found in testing 
or if testing takes too long
(13:02:55) mattock: dazo: not sure, but we have no "must release due to 
security reasons" motive anymore
(13:03:13) mattock: but there are two fixes for tap-windows6 which will be 
included in the test installer that baking right now
(13:03:21) mattock: that is
(13:04:08) dazo: alright
(13:05:50) mattock: I'll have the tap-windows6 installer ready in <30 minutes
(13:06:27) mattock: besides 2.4.8 - is it just about "updated tap-windows6 + 
latest code from release/2.4"?
(13:06:38) mattock: or is there something that is not yet finished and should 
go in?
(13:07:13) cron2: 12:00 < cron2> I need input on whether there are unmerged 
patches that need to go in
(13:07:14) dazo: that's what cron2 asked for @ 12:00:15 :-P
(13:07:18) cron2: yes :)
(13:07:33) ordex: I Don't think any of us is aware of something missing :D
(13:07:34) cron2: (I'm still around due to an unexpected meeting in my office)
(13:07:46) cron2: there's some sort of openssl/libressl/tls1.3 backport I think
(13:08:02) cron2: https://patchwork.openvpn.net/patch/787/
(13:08:03) vpnHelper: Title: [Openvpn-devel,v3] openssl: Fix compilation 
without deprecated OpenSSL 1.1 APIs - Patchwork (at patchwork.openvpn.net)
(13:08:12) cron2: this one, I think it wants to go back (due to "long-term 
(13:08:34) cron2: plus the mbedtls explosion patch :)
(13:09:21) dazo: oh ... and we need to discuss if some of the auth-token-hmac 
stuff need to go to 2.4.x as well ... not the server side, but client side ... 
as I spotted that git master behaves more predictably than 2.4.x when tokens 
(13:09:47) cron2: client side compat/stability things are "ok for 2.4", so, 
makes sense
(13:09:51) dazo: (due to not sending the token, but the users password on token 
(13:10:10) ordex: but auth-token-hmac is a new feature isn't it ?
(13:10:17) cron2: yes
(13:10:24) ordex: so not really 2.4-material, no?
(13:10:24) cron2: server-side and fairly big
(13:10:44) dazo: it's a fairly big change on the server side ... but there are 
some client side changes as well, to make things go smoothly when AUTH_FAILED 
with token expired messages are sent
(13:12:45) ordex: yap, but they should go together, no?
(13:13:29) ordex: meaning: we are talking about new behaviours that will 
interact with each other (server <--> client) so having both in 2.5 sounds 
(13:14:00) cron2: we usually pull in client side long-term compat stuff to 2.4, 
if "it makes interop with 2.5 servers better"
(13:14:34) cron2: it's *mostly* independent, except if sending an auth-token 
and getting back an "EXPIRED! go away!" reply
(13:14:57) cron2: dazo: please do double-check, it might be already in 
release/2.4 (because that was an independent patch from the "auth-token-hmac" 
(13:15:18) ordex: hmm ok, I don't get what it fixed then
(13:15:29) dazo: oh, might be ... I only tested against 2.4.7 which was 
released, not the release/2.4 branch
(13:15:30) ordex: (but maybe I should have complained at review time :P)
(13:15:44) cron2: the client used to "just loop" if getting an "auth failed, 
(13:15:53) cron2: instead of "fall back to password"
(13:15:56) ordex: oh ok
(13:16:07) dazo: ordex: these changes doesn't make things worse for 2.4.7 and 
older .... it would just improve things there as well
(13:16:15) cron2: the auth-token-hmac stuff is not visible on the wire
(13:16:28) cron2: it's just "now the server generates these tokens"
(13:16:47) ordex: okok, so this is something that could happen also when the 
server has the classic token mechanism in place, under certain conditions
(13:16:49) ordex: ok
(13:16:52) cron2: yes
(13:17:00) dazo: +1
(13:17:38) cron2: commit 004f13b60d87fe7815f4feee9aded22ae4eacbaf
(13:17:38) cron2: Author: Arne Schwabe <a...@rfc2549.org>
(13:17:38) cron2: Date:   Wed Oct 10 16:30:51 2018 +0200
(13:17:39) cron2: Fallback to password authentication when auth-token fails
(13:17:41) cron2: in release/2.4
(13:17:44) cron2: so it might be already in
(13:17:53) cron2:     Acked-by: Antonio Quartulli <anto...@openvpn.net>
(13:17:53) cron2: :)
(13:18:13) dazo: Yeah, saw that just now .... and it's in 2.4.7 ... need to 
retest my setup then
(13:19:25) ordex: !!!
(13:19:26) ordex: :D
(13:19:42) ordex: move on move on, don't look!
(13:20:07) dazo: :-P
(13:21:38) syzzer: so, does this wrap it up?
(13:24:00) mattock: so a couple of things missing from release/2.4, plus new 
tap-windows6 installer
(13:24:55) ordex: I guess only this: https://patchwork.openvpn.net/patch/787/
(13:24:57) vpnHelper: Title: [Openvpn-devel,v3] openssl: Fix compilation 
without deprecated OpenSSL 1.1 APIs - Patchwork (at patchwork.openvpn.net)
(13:25:02) ordex: and the tap-windows 6 ?
(13:25:04) cron2: yes
(13:25:30) ordex: ok
(13:25:44) ***ordex has to leave for lunch
(13:25:50) ordex: but it seems we're done ?
(13:26:12) mattock: ok good
(13:26:30) syzzer: excellent :)
(13:26:33) mattock: MS signed the tap-windows6 driver, time to produce an 
(13:26:38) mattock: I will add a link to the meeting summary
(13:26:43) syzzer: ah, nice :D
(13:26:47) mattock: then link in the tap-windows6 PRs
(13:27:13) mattock: we're also going to get a new signing computer that can 
also act as a tap-windows6 build computer
(13:27:31) mattock: meaning the process will be less convoluted (no need to to 
mount build dir via SMB shares)
(13:27:55) mattock: plus the new signing computer should not be as prone to 
overheating as the previous one (it was down every other time somebody tried to 
use it)
(13:28:20) mattock: anyways, good meeting, summary will be sent soon

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