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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Thursday 24th October 2019
Time: 20:00 CEST (18:00 UTC)

Planned meeting topics for this meeting were here:


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cron2, gcoxmoz, mattock and ordex participated in this meeting.


Noted that mattock's plan of action now, after setting up new tapbuilder
and releasing tap-windows6 test installer, is:

1) Setup IRC bouncer
2) Setup Windows "buildslave" (partially done already)
3) Setup ARM64 laptop and link it to OpenVPN internal network (for
others to use for testing as well)


Cron2 still has hopes of getting some of his old buildslaves back. At
some point he'll just reinstall what remains and ditch the rest.


Talked about OpenVPN 2.5 release schedule. Given all the time required
after the code has stabilized (RC1) it seems that 2020 Q1 is realistic.
Q4 2019 probably is not.


Discussed "SOCKS proxy not working with UDP+IPv6" issue:


Agreed that cron2's patch "mutate upd6 into udp4 if socks-proxy is set"
patch, which is on the mailing list, is a reasonable approach.


Discussed the OpenVPN 2.4.8 release. Agreed to aim for a "halloween
release" (31st October). As agreed previously a new tap-windows6
installer with the pending tap-windows6 PRs should go in. Mattock asked
Selva to test the tap-windows6 test installer as he had some concerns
about PR#84:



Full chatlog attached.

(20:57:59) cron2: I'll be with you in like 5-10 minutes... kids, bed, ...
(21:00:47) mattock: hello!
(21:05:28) mattock: anyone else?
(21:07:15) cron2: yes :)
(21:10:27) mattock: ok :)
(21:10:44) mattock: so let's start
(21:11:02) mattock: digging up the agenda
(21:11:18) mattock: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/Topics-2019-10-24
(21:11:19) vpnHelper: Title: Topics-2019-10-24 – OpenVPN Community (at 
(21:11:32) mattock: all this boring stuff
(21:11:50) cron2: yeah, somewhat hard to discuss things if nobody is here...
(21:11:52) mattock: at my end I guess the IRC bouncer would be the natural next 
(21:11:58) ***cron2 likes that
(21:12:07) mattock: the tapbuilder/signing comp is working perfectly and the 
test installer is out there
(21:12:15) cron2: saw the announcement, this is nice
(21:12:26) mattock: irc bouncer -> windows "buildslave" -> arm64 lappy
(21:14:58) cron2: yeah.  I'm still hoping to get my buildslaves back, but will 
eventually move forward and reinstall what is still missing and ditch the rest
(21:15:25) mattock: ok sounds good
(21:15:58) mattock: I'll try to squeeze the above into this week and next (i.e. 
before hackathon)
(21:20:13) gcoxmoz: I'll ask, since it's agenda item 1 and things are quiet: 
https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/StatusOfOpenvpn25 still claims 2019 
for 2.5.  Is this still feeling true or are there revised time guesses ("Q2 
2020"?) you'd feel confident rolling into the wiki?
(21:20:15) vpnHelper: Title: StatusOfOpenvpn25 – OpenVPN Community (at 
(21:21:49) cron2: we do not know
(21:22:02) cron2: progress has been a bit better in the last few weeks
(21:22:23) cron2: maybe Q1 is realistic, end of 2019 might not
(21:22:45) cron2: quite a bit of work still to do, and the "we are done with 
the code, now testing begins" phase usually takes +2 months...
(21:23:56) gcoxmoz: Cool, Q1 is enough of a guess for me for now.  Thank you.
(21:24:16) mattock: anything else for today?
(21:27:53) cron2: #1221
(21:28:05) cron2: I'd like to discuss this with ordex and dazo, or plaisthos...
(21:28:20) cron2: we currently fail if ( --proto udp6 && --socks-server )
(21:28:23) ordex: hmhm
(21:28:38) cron2: fixing this for good is quite a bit of work, so I suggest to 
just force "udp4" in this case
(21:28:58) ordex: socks-server is a 2.5 thing only ?
(21:29:01) mattock: oh ordex appeared!
(21:29:07) mattock: welcome!
(21:29:07) cron2: another approach would be to just error out, but I find this 
unfriendly if we can make it work with just a warning
(21:29:08) ordex: you invoked me !
(21:29:10) cron2: --socks-proxy
(21:29:14) ordex: cron2: ah ok
(21:29:43) ordex: cron2: does that tunnel UDP packets over the TCP link to the 
proxy ?
(21:29:51) cron2: nah, never :)
(21:29:59) cron2: --proto udp* with socks always works like this:
(21:30:04) cron2: - we do a TCP connect to the SOCKS server
(21:30:11) cron2: - we ask for a UDP socket, with "proto IPv4"
(21:30:16) cron2: - the server opens a UDP socket for us
(21:30:22) ordex: oh
(21:30:31) cron2: - we send UDP packets to this socket on the SOCKS host, and 
the SOCKS host relays
(21:30:36) ordex: I see
(21:30:41) ordex: okok
(21:30:42) cron2: - the packets carry 10 byte of extra header with the "final" 
IPv4 address
(21:31:02) cron2: the TCP connection is nicely IPv6 today (so --proto tcp6 
--socks-proxy works)
(21:31:22) cron2: but all the signalling in the protocol is IPv4 only today
(21:31:33) ordex: ok
(21:31:57) cron2: so what happens today: the socks server gives us an IPv4 
host+port to send packets to, and we try to use that with an UDP6 socket, which 
(21:32:29) ordex: yeah
(21:35:02) cron2: ordex: so, what do you think?
(21:35:18) ordex: I guess the options are 2
(21:35:30) ordex: 1) we fix this, by properly supporting this case
(21:35:37) ordex: 2) we reject udp6 with socks-proxy
(21:35:46) ordex: the latter might be the short term solution, since it does 
not work in any case
(21:35:50) cron2: 3) we mutate upd6 into udp4 if socks-proxy is set :)
(21:36:01) ordex: mumble mumble
(21:36:16) cron2: so, for a short-term fix, we need to decide if 2) or 3) is 
what we want
(21:36:32) ordex: 3 may also make sense, with a big warning in the log
(21:37:34) cron2: yeah :-) - a patch for 3) is on the list, and I was waiting 
for the tomatoes...
(21:37:50) cron2: https://patchwork.openvpn.net/patch/869/
(21:37:51) vpnHelper: Title: [Openvpn-devel] Force combinationation of 
--socks-proxy and --proto UDP to use IPv4. - Patchwork (at 
(21:38:06) ordex: ah
(21:38:10) ***ordex prepares oranges
(21:39:05) cron2: (I do have two different messages here - if a user explicitly 
asked for "udp6", he'll get a WARNING, if "just udp", it's an INFO, because it 
might just do udp4 anyway)
(21:39:44) ordex: right
(21:40:05) ordex: looks good
(21:40:08) ordex: did you test it ? :D
(21:40:36) cron2: yes, since I now have a SOCKS proxy that actually does IPv6 
perfectly well, I noticed (for the first time ever) that OpenVPN doesn't do that
(21:41:04) cron2: I use "dante", which has IPv4 in all its example files, only 
IPv4.  But if you google, you find "of course we do support IPv6, just write 
::/0 if you want to permit v6"
(21:41:22) cron2: which is sort of "roll eye, why don't you put that into your 
examples" :)
(21:41:44) cron2: I did use "ssh -D 3333" for "tcp6 socks" previously, but that 
does not do UDP
(21:42:00) ordex: :D
(21:42:04) ordex: right
(21:42:08) ordex: I use dante as well sometimes
(21:42:09) ordex: okok
(21:48:55) mattock: hmm, so
(21:49:35) mattock: agreement that "patch of 3) is on the list" is good enough?
(21:49:59) cron2: not sure if I just nerdsniped ordex by providing just enough 
interesting bits about SOCKS...
(21:50:30) ordex: :D
(21:50:33) ordex: I am fine with 3
(21:50:38) ordex: I was looking at the patch actually
(21:50:42) cron2: cool :-)
(21:50:43) ordex: seems easy to review
(21:56:09) mattock: ok, summary ready
(21:56:14) mattock: anything to discuss
(21:56:25) mattock: ?
(21:56:30) mattock: one topic
(21:56:38) mattock: so, I guess we could have a meeting next week
(21:56:43) mattock: actually
(21:56:44) cron2: yes
(21:56:53) cron2: we could do a halloween 2.4 release
(21:57:07) mattock: next week easily, but the week after next is already 
"almost-hackathon" Thursday
(21:57:21) cron2: we can skip that one
(21:57:23) mattock: yep
(21:57:34) mattock: we wanted to get tap-windows6 in, right?
(21:57:40) cron2: yes
(21:57:45) mattock: perhaps we need to do some pushing at selva :)
(21:58:19) mattock: if we aim for a halloweed release, that is
(21:58:58) mattock: one of the tap-windows6 PRs was waiting for his approval 
which hanged on practical testing I believe
(21:59:36) cron2: yes
(21:59:38) mattock: anyways, do we aim for a 2.4 "halloween edition"?
(21:59:44) mattock: i.e. make it a goal
(21:59:49) cron2: I find the thought entertaining, so why not :-)
(21:59:56) mattock: well, there are worse reasons
(22:00:05) mattock: we need to make it a really scary release
(22:00:06) cron2: maybe remind people again to actually test your installer...
(22:00:11) mattock: break everyone's VPNs
(22:00:17) mattock: yup
(22:00:21) mattock: I will poke in the PRs
(22:00:23) cron2: I can do that :)
(22:00:34) mattock: ok that's even better
(22:00:42) mattock: which one lol? :)
(22:00:47) mattock: poke or break, or both?
(22:00:51) cron2: "break everyone's VPNs"
(22:00:59) mattock: ah
(22:01:01) mattock: that should be easy
(22:01:05) mattock: side-channel a patch in
(22:01:15) mattock: maybe only break IPv4 and nobody might not notice?
(22:01:53) cron2: just print out "OpenVPN Halloween Release... core dumped!" at 
startup, sleep(10) and then go on normally...
(22:03:21) mattock: +1
(22:03:25) mattock: ok, so I will poke at selva
(22:03:34) mattock: will aim at halloween release
(22:03:36) mattock: anything else?
(22:05:04) cron2: not from me today :)
(22:07:48) mattock: ok, let's conclude this meeting then
(22:07:56) mattock: I'll send the summary in a few mins
(22:08:26) cron2: good night :)
(22:11:12) mattock: good night!

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