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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Thursday 21st November 2019
Time: 20:00 CET (19:00 UTC)

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cron2, mattock and ordex participated in this meeting.


Tomorrow mattock will resume work on "trying to make the Windows 10
ARM64 laptop connected to the VPN server at all times". The Powershell
script that does it (plus Puppet scheduled task glue) was finished and
tested during the hackathon.


Ordex resumed his async-cc patch review this week. He wants to get it
off his plate before it starts needing rebase again.


Cron2 would love if syzzer would find time to do the review of the v5
patch. He has had prior exposure.


Full chatlog attached
(21:00:48) mattock: hello
(21:03:08) cron2: hollo
(21:04:47) mattock: anybody else here?
(21:06:13) cron2: lots of folks idling in here...
(21:06:27) cron2: dazo, syzzer, ordex, plaistos: hello, good morning, how are 
you? *sing*
(21:08:09) ordex: unz unz
(21:08:18) mattock: oh we have somebody else! \o/
(21:08:20) cron2: ah, the rythm appears
(21:08:27) ordex: anything to talk about? o-o
(21:08:46) cron2: 2.5 plannings?  or patch review? :-)
(21:09:13) mattock: I can tell that I will resume work on the "keep ARM64 
laptop connected" task tomorrow
(21:09:18) cron2: there has been lots of activity around the wintun patch 
set... one is cleanup (and I'll tackle that tomorrow) but for the rest I'm 
hoping for syzzer
(21:09:26) cron2: mattock1: so what happened to it, when it decided to die?
(21:13:00) mattock: cron2: did not check yet, but it seemed to be "alive" at 
(21:13:12) mattock: probably the VPN connection just died (e.g. reboot) and for 
some reason did not come up
(21:13:24) cron2: yeah, win10 likes reboots...
(21:13:56) mattock: but I finished the monitoring/recovery powershell script 
during the hackathon so I can just make that run there and test reboots etc.
(21:14:08) mattock: so, soonish, lev will get his arm64 test rig
(21:14:14) cron2: nice
(21:14:25) ordex: cool
(21:15:00) cron2: ordex: how's your time planning wrt async-cc review?  busy 
with that other secret project?
(21:15:30) cron2: (or still recovering from the invasion of too many hairy 
geeks into peaceful trento? :) )
(21:19:14) ordex: cron2: no, that's the current thing on my list
(21:19:20) ordex: re-started that this week
(21:19:22) cron2: recovering?
(21:19:27) ordex: haha
(21:19:30) ordex: no, the review
(21:19:32) ordex: :p
(21:19:41) cron2: how's the secret project going on?
(21:20:15) cron2: but async-cc review is certainly welcome
(21:20:40) ordex: yeah, better shoot that down as soon as possible
(21:20:49) ordex: otherwise it will just idle in the todo list over and over..
(21:21:01) ordex: i really want to get over it
(21:21:03) cron2: and age, and require rebase, and break, ... :))
(21:21:08) ordex: yes
(21:21:09) ordex: :D
(21:21:21) ordex: plaisthos already rebased that recently (after a poke)
(21:21:26) cron2: ah, good
(21:21:31) ordex: so it is up to date at the moment
(21:25:52) mattock: mkay
(21:28:52) mattock: anything else?
(21:29:13) cron2: I have nothing in particular.  Will look a few hours at the 
explosion in my mailbox and patchwork.
(21:29:30) mattock: sarcasm at work
(21:29:43) cron2: I'd really really love if syzzer would find time to do the 
review of the v5 patch... "prior exposure"
(21:30:03) cron2: well, that was "tomorrow, I'll look..." :-)
(21:30:06) mattock: syzzer: "You're our only hope" ^^^
(21:31:00) mattock: now, if there is nothing else, let's end this thing
(21:31:43) cron2: good night :-)
(21:31:53) mattock: likevise!
(21:31:55) cron2: next week wednesday, with hopefully lots of motivated working 
folks around
(21:31:58) mattock: yes!
(21:32:14) mattock: and an ARM64 laptop that refuses to stay offline!
(21:32:28) mattock: and is always available, despite microsoft update and all 
(21:32:30) mattock: :D

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