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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Wednesday 27th November 2019
Time: 11:30 CET (10:30 UTC)

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cron2, dazo, lev, mattock, ordex and syzzer participated in this meeting.


The Windows 10 ARM64 laptop seems to now stay connected reliably.
Mattock will wrap up the firewalls for it and create users for those who
need to access it, then the task is done.


Mattock will test an OpenVPN executable with wintun support with the
OpenVPN Windows test scripts:


It was agreed that integrating these scripts with Buildbot is a good
goal. So far mattock has ran these scripts at release time only.


Noted that the conversion of the OpenVPN 2 man-page to RST format is
best done at 2.5 beta time, because some manual changes are necessary
after the automatic conversion process.


Full chatlog attached

(12:26:27) mattock: hello
(12:27:08) cron2: meow
(12:30:01) mattock: I have 30 mins today btw
(12:30:13) mattock: who do we have here besides cron2?
(12:30:18) ***syzzer present
(12:30:22) mattock: hi!
(12:30:27) syzzer: hello all :)
(12:31:44) lev__: hello
(12:31:50) mattock: hi lev!
(12:33:40) mattock: let's start this thing
(12:33:46) cron2: wooosh
(12:34:06) mattock: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/Topics-2019-11-27
(12:34:08) vpnHelper: Title: Topics-2019-11-27 – OpenVPN Community (at 
(12:34:46) mattock: quick arm64 update
(12:35:03) mattock: connection to it "seems stable", as in: "windows update and 
reboots have not been able to kill it"
(12:35:10) mattock: nor has the thing completely shut down (yet)
(12:35:16) cron2: nice
(12:35:21) lev__: gutt
(12:35:56) mattock: firewall rules to isolate it from the rest of my network 
are in place, _but_ don't yet work as expected (-> need debugging)
(12:36:11) mattock: then its just about creating user accounts for those who 
need it (lev primarily)
(12:36:36) mattock: next topic
(12:36:37) mattock: :)
(12:37:52) lev__: wintun!
(12:38:07) ***lev__ looks around
(12:38:16) ***syzzer hides
(12:38:24) cron2: haha :)
(12:38:30) syzzer: Didn't find time yet...
(12:40:02) lev__: yeah that one is most invasive, touches event handling in 
(12:41:00) syzzer: anyone actually *testing* that commit would be very welcome 
(12:41:24) syzzer: I can do stare-at-code, but don't expect to find time to 
perform any decent testing
(12:44:03) cron2: mattock1: you have this windows testing framework...
(12:44:13) cron2: kind of t_client tests for windows
(12:44:26) lev__: it probably makes sense to test the whole thing, including 
interactive service support in follow-up commits. The signed installer is here 
(12:44:50) cron2: can we hook this into the buildbot repo, so we can push stuff 
at it and see if it explodes? With configs for "--dev-type tap6" and "wintun"?
(12:44:51) ***dazo is here ... almost forgot again :-$
(12:45:19) mattock: yes I do have Powershell-based Windows smoke-testing
(12:45:40) lev__: sounds like a plan
(12:45:45) mattock: basically it can test openvpn.exe (directly), openvpn-gui 
and even openvpnservice
(12:45:56) mattock: I do run it prior to doing releases
(12:46:34) mattock: if somebody can give an openvpn.exe plus libs I can run 
some basic tests
(12:46:59) ***lev__ raises hand
(12:47:02) mattock: https://github.com/OpenVPN/openvpn-windows-test
(12:47:03) vpnHelper: Title: GitHub - OpenVPN/openvpn-windows-test: Powershells 
scripts for automating testing of OpenVPN on Windows (at github.com)
(12:47:34) mattock: I believe openvpn-gui nowadays supports --disconnect which 
that PS script does not yet use (but would be nice if it did)
(12:47:36) syzzer: cool
(12:47:44) lev__: or you could just install the client from the link above
(12:47:51) mattock: that works as well
(12:48:37) lev__: BTW, GUI now supports development with Visual Studio - Selva 
has merged my PR recently
(12:48:57) mattock: yep
(12:49:03) lev__: we are making msvc dev great again
(12:49:08) cron2: yep (thanks to Selva, in absence :) )
(12:49:19) cron2: lots of PRs that "just happened" without me having to do 
(12:49:34) ordex: hi
(12:49:45) lev__: bongiorno
(12:50:03) mattock: hi
(12:50:31) mattock: ok, move on?
(12:50:33) mattock: I have 10 minutes
(12:51:21) cron2: mattock1: can you hook this smoke-framework into buildbot?
(12:51:35) syzzer: sure, what's next?
(12:51:50) mattock: cron2: I probably could
(12:52:05) mattock: not sure what kind of mess that would end up as, but it's a 
good goal
(12:52:48) mattock: I primarily connect to the t_client servers with it 
(12:53:19) ***cron2 puts that on mattocks1 TODO shortlist :))
(12:53:19) mattock: if buildbot is easily able to run Powershell scripts on a 
Windows buildslave then I don't see any major issues
(12:53:24) mattock: :)
(12:53:27) cron2: dazo: how's the manpage coming along?
(12:53:34) cron2: ordex: how's the reviews coming along?
(12:53:52) cron2: plaisthos: what about Selva's comments regarding "grammar and 
language" updates to the TLS patches?
(12:54:19) cron2: (please no questions "how's merging of ACKed patches coming 
along" :) )
(12:54:56) ordex: cron2: I thought it was easier :D implementing a couple of 
basic tests to ensure I understood it for real
(12:55:13) ordex: will try to see if there are patches that can be merged as 
they are, without requiring the rest of the code to come along in one go
(12:56:16) cron2: thanks
(12:56:20) cron2: (makes sense)
(12:56:25) dazo: cron2: manpage ... we decided to postpone that until we're 
about to publish the beta release or so ... The automation tools we found to 
convert *roff to .rst does a reasonable job, but there is some editing needed
(12:57:03) dazo: I've also started to see if there are some possibilities to
(12:57:15) cron2: dazo: did we? I missed that memo, it seems :-) - ok. So we 
can merge man page fixes "as is" for now.
(12:57:34) cron2: (I found a few trac tickets regarding man page fixes that I 
bounced your way "because you're on it anyway")
(12:57:44) dazo: ... extend rst2man to add some extended options support we use 
in OpenVPN which is not that standard
(12:57:54) cron2: ah
(12:57:58) cron2: what language is that in?
(12:58:01) dazo: Python
(12:58:16) cron2: mattock likes that :)
(12:58:19) dazo: hehe
(12:58:57) dazo: There's not that many option parses who handle --option ARG1 
ARG2 OPTIONAL_ARG3 ... this seems to be an OpenVPN speciality
(12:59:31) dazo: The man page rendering isn't terrible, it is just a bit less 
consistent with --option ARG
(12:59:46) cron2: "why are people opening installer issues against 
(13:00:12) dazo: (where the latter makes ARG underlined, while ARG1 ARG2 
(13:01:20) dazo: But I'll propose a few alternatives once we're getting closer 
to this
(13:02:03) cron2: ic
(13:02:05) mattock: ok I will check out now - can follow what is happening here 
but don't expect to get a response quickly :)
(13:03:40) cron2: https://github.com/orgs/OpenVPN/people
(13:03:41) vpnHelper: Title: People · OpenVPN Inc · GitHub (at github.com)
(13:03:46) cron2: this list is a bit weird
(13:08:15) syzzer: I'm checking out too - need to grab lunch and head over to 
external meeting
(13:16:05) cron2: seems nobody wants to say anything anymore
(13:16:08) cron2: enjoy :)
(13:16:26) cron2: (I am somewhat distracted by datacenter reorganizations...)
(13:17:39) dazo: enjoy ... everything :-P
(13:17:57) cron2: yeah

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