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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Thu 16th January 2020
Time: 20:00 CET (19:00 UTC)

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cron2, dazo, lev and mattock participated in this meeting.


Discussed status of OpenVPN 2.5 and tomorrow's mini-hackathon:


Agreed that we should have easy-rsa 3 in the OpenVPN 2.5 Windows MSI
installers. We probably had made this decision earlier as well.

Lev and rozmansi have been working on the wintun patches. Lev will
review the latest of rozmansi's patches tomorrow.

Mattock has a new buildslave that he will configure to build Windows
installers with openvpn-build in tomorrow's hackathon. Buildmaster will
need some restarts in the process. Later Debian/Ubuntu package building
can be added to buildbot as well.

Cron2 will merge what has already been ACKed tomorrow and will do some
other stuff as well.

Dazo has lots of deadlines at the moment but will do his best to
allocate time for the mini-hackathon.

Noted that two of plaisthos' patchsets require review: "2FA thing" and
async-cc. Also noted that the struct argv stuff could be reviewed by anyone.


Full chatlog attached
(20:59:29) lev__: hello
(21:00:09) dazo: hey!
(21:00:18) mattock: hello!
(21:01:46) lev__: guten aben
(21:02:03) lev__: *d
(21:02:20) mattock: anyone else here?
(21:03:15) dazo: hmm
(21:03:26) cron2: oh, meeting time
(21:03:31) mattock: yep!
(21:03:49) cron2: *and* people here :)
(21:04:04) mattock: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/Topics-2020-01-16
(21:04:06) vpnHelper: Title: Topics-2020-01-16 – OpenVPN Community (at 
(21:04:13) mattock: anything to add to the topic list?
(21:04:20) mattock: #1 is probably enough though :D
(21:05:20) lev__: me and Simon are reviewing each other's wintun patches, 
mostly prettifying code
(21:06:04) mattock: I've setup a new buildslave which will soon start building 
stuff with openvpn-build
(21:06:48) mattock: it won't build any of the normal stuff, just run 
openvpn-build on each commit
(21:07:08) mattock: should be fairly straightforward
(21:07:10) cron2: nice
(21:07:33) lev__: speaking of 2.5, shall we switch to easyrsa3 in new msi 
(21:07:34) mattock: I'd _like_ to also automate creation of Debian/Ubuntu 
packages but that is slightly more involved
(21:07:50) mattock: lev: that would probably make sense
(21:07:57) mattock: not sure if we actually decided to do that or not
(21:08:53) mattock: also, as the MSI installer is still work in progress 
(afaik) there's little point in adding easy-rsa 2 to it
(21:09:01) mattock: why not just go directly to easy-rsa 3 that is
(21:09:48) cron2: lev__: I've seen ACKs, will go merge tomorrow
(21:10:39) dazo ha scelto come argomento: Next meeting 22/Jan/2020 at 11:30 
CET.  Agenda at https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/Topics-2020-01-22
(21:11:39) dazo: I think the easyrsa3 move was depending on some easyrsa-2 
support ... so you could use existing easyrsa-2 or upgrade it to easyrsa-3
(21:11:51) dazo: ecrist should know, I think
(21:12:18) dazo: if that's already resolved (agreed, fixed, whatever), then all 
is fine to ship easyrsa 3
(21:12:29) cron2: I would say "ship easyrsa-3 and have a note in the README 
displayed at install time what to do when you have easyrsa 2 in active use"
(21:12:40) mattock: +1
(21:12:49) cron2: or better, make it a seamless replacement :)
(21:13:04) dazo: yeah, I think they were working the seamless approach :)
(21:16:54) mattock: ok, easy-rsa done
(21:17:15) mattock: more on 2.5 that needs coordination/updates?
(21:18:08) cron2: "get work done" :)
(21:18:32) mattock: :D
(21:18:39) dazo: :)
(21:18:54) mattock: speaking of which
(21:18:58) mattock: tomorrow's mini-hackathon
(21:19:05) cron2: yes!#
(21:19:05) mattock: who will join? what shall we do there?
(21:19:23) cron2: I'll merge what is ACKed and have a look at other stuff
(21:19:51) mattock: I will try to get openvpn-build running via buildbot
(21:21:19) cron2: dazo?
(21:21:21) dazo: Core team is pretty much loaded these days (lots of releases 
we're involved in + preparations for a bigger launch of a new service) ... but 
I'll try to see what we can manage.  ordex is also pretty much tied up with the 
kernel module work, so I don't want him to loose that focus anytime soon (where 
openvpn 2.x support is planned too)
(21:21:44) lev__: I'll review latest patch(es) from rozmansi
(21:23:04) dazo: I have a couple of releases I'll try to complete today, then I 
have more time for stuff tomorrow ... but due to unexpected things I'm involved 
in on the personal side, I soon need to schedule sleep in my calendar too :-/
(21:24:15) dazo: and everything I'm involved in now needs to be done and signed 
off between end of January and mid-February
(21:24:48) cron2: that very much sounds like "postpone code-freeze to end of 
(21:25:22) cron2: can we make things happen until then?  We need time from 
ordex, plaisthos, dazo who all got sucked into corp... :)
(21:26:48) cron2: (an open source project is what is, and if life or paid work 
gets in the way, this is what it is.  It is good when people *know* why "people 
are not active", so we can adjust)
(21:26:53) dazo: I believe plaisthos would have some time to do some community 
stuff, ordex I really want to have a chance to get the kernel module moving 
forward ... and I'll do my best.  Right now there's only one patch-set from 
plaisthos missing review, I believe
(21:27:14) cron2: two, the 2FA thing and the async-cc set
(21:27:45) dazo: the async-cc has had some internal discussions, iirc ... 
awaiting a few clarifications or patch updates
(21:28:18) cron2: if it's all done and just need to hit the list, perfect :-) 
(but then, it should eventually do exactly this ;-) )
(21:28:37) dazo: I think we can manage, if not end of January at least 
beginning of February .... I'm not too keen on loosing the pressure on OpenVPN 
2.5 just because of corp side things.  But not having a hard expectation helps 
a bit on the mental side of things
(21:29:27) cron2: good :)
(21:29:28) dazo: There's also the struct argv stuff ... but that anyone can 
(21:29:43) cron2: plaisthos wanted that, but you kept him busy
(21:29:58) cron2: (and I offered to review, and my datacenter move kept me 
(21:30:01) dazo: hehe ... yeah
(21:30:03) cron2: always someone to blame
(21:30:19) dazo: unfortunately 
(21:30:33) cron2: see !blame next door :)
(21:30:42) dazo: hehehe
(21:32:21) mattock: ok, blaming done, what next :D
(21:34:50) mattock: anything or just get some sleep so that tomorrow's 
mini-hackathon becomes overwhelmingly successful?
(21:35:08) cron2: sleep sounds great
(21:35:20) mattock: all agree?
(21:36:29) cron2: all asleep already :)
(21:36:58) dazo: hehe
(21:37:01) mattock: excellent! then they will have more energy tomorrow! :D
(21:37:10) mattock: ok, if there's nothing else I'm ready to send the summary
(21:37:22) dazo: need to get two releases out the door first ... *then* sleep :)

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