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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Wed 22nd January 2020
Time: 11:30 CET (10:30 UTC)

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cron2 and mattock participated in this meeting.


Noted that the new openvpn-build buildslave is now building Windows
installers on every commit and publishing them here:


The branch name is included in the installer names now.


Cron2 has merged work from lev/simon and tried his luck with the argv
patch set but noticed a conflict with lev/simon's tun.c work). The rest
of the patches are waiting for dazo, plaisthos and ordex.


Full chatlog attached
(12:38:29) mattock: hello
(12:38:54) cron2: hello.  I did make it \o/ :)
(12:42:19) mattock: did anyone else make it?
(12:42:21) mattock: :P
(12:42:37) mattock2 ha abbandonato la stanza (quit: Quit: IRC for Sailfish 0.9).
(12:43:34) mattock: let's wait for a while and see if somebody appears
(12:46:52) cron2: mattock2 got lost
(12:47:17) cron2: I've already seen half of the good news - the 
windows-buildslave is back, and does uploads \o/
(12:47:59) mattock: yes, it is now building and hopefully the installer name 
will include the branch name
(12:48:43) mattock: so we'd get "feature installers" as well
(12:49:10) mattock: anyways, it looks like its just the two of us
(12:49:18) mattock: shall we skip this meeting?
(12:50:17) cron2: we made 1/3rd already :)
(12:50:57) cron2: but anyway... not much to report from my side either... 
merged lev/simon so far, tried my luck with the argv patch set (conflict with 
lev/simon's tun.c work), waiting for dazo...
(12:51:08) cron2: and for the rest, waiting for dazo, plaisthos, ordex :(
(12:51:16) mattock: ok
(12:51:42) cron2: (and gentoo folks are having fun with mbedtls version.h 
f*ups... :-) - https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=705864
(12:51:45) vpnHelper: Title: 705864 net-libs/mbedtls-2.19.1 installs 
mbedtls/version.h which claims 2.17.0 (at bugs.gentoo.org)
(12:53:49) mattock: uh, interesting
(12:54:27) cron2: spent quite a bit of time on this, trying to figure out why 
my gentoo builds broke in such weird ways..
(12:56:23) mattock: do they just bundle a wrong header file?
(12:57:12) cron2: mbedtls*.tar.gz needs a second package mbedcrypto*.tar.gz 
nowadays, and the second one *also* packs an mbedtls/version.h, which - for 
mbedcrypto 2.0.0 - claims "mbedtls 2.17.0"
(12:57:26) cron2: mbedcrypto should not bundle mbedtls-version-claiming things
(12:57:29) mattock: ok
(12:57:34) cron2: or it should fail building if incompatible
(12:57:36) cron2: or whatever
(12:58:37) mattock: anyhow, I'll summarize this very brief discussion if 
there's nothing else we think is worth mentioning
(12:58:58) cron2: nothing here, except some amount of loneliness
(13:00:48) mattock: ok, summary shall be sent soon

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