Thanks Selva!

Those are great news. I will test the new functionality as soon as I get a 
chance. Although I am pretty happy with the setup we already have. ;)


> El 12/10/2016, a las 9:12 a.m., Selva Nair <> escribió:
> Hi,
>> On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 7:29 AM, Jose Alf. <> wrote:
>> I tested the 64 bit installer on Windows 7 Enterprise using default 
>> settings. It ran smoothly. I notice that now there are 3 services - OpenVPN 
>> Interactive Service (appears started automatic)
>> - OpenVPN Legacy Service (manual)
>> - OpenVPNService (manual)
>> Any pointers to documentation about this?
>> I use OpenVPN-MI-GUI. I had to start OpenVPNService to connect to my server. 
>> Other than that, it worked fine.
> To add to what Samuli wrote:
> With MI-GUI, all you have to do is just start OpenVPNService (same as 
> previous previous versions) -- under the hood the service has changed, but 
> the functionality is the same.
> That said, if the reason for using MI-GUI is to avoid running the GUI as 
> admin, now there is a better way. Do not run OpenVPNService and start OpenVPN 
> GUI included in the distribution as normal user. It will start openvpn as 
> normal user assisted by the interactive service (which is automatically 
> started). The main advantage is that both the GUI and openvpn.exe will run as 
> normal user minimizing code run as admin.
> Also there are a number of improvements in the GUI including ability to store 
> config files in user profile, menu to import the config file to the right 
> location, optionally remember passwords,  support for prompting static 
> challenge, configuration menu for all options (no need to edit the registry) 
> etc.
> Selva
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