Hello everyone,

This week hasn't been a great progressive week. The work done can be 
summarised as follows:

1. Worked on adding topology history feature to admin site. The PR of which 
can be seen here. There is a little work remaining which shall be done this 
weekend. [1] <https://github.com/netjson/django-netjsongraph/pull/49>

2. Fixed a bug which was observed in production in the PR. [2] 

The topology history feature shall be completed really soon and I will 
start working on making a openvpn-parser.

Have a great weekend,
Rohith Asrk

1. https://github.com/netjson/django-netjsongraph/pull/51
2. https://github.com/netjson/django-netjsongraph/pull/49 

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