This Week has been a very confusing week for me. This week my main task was 
to work on optimizing the library to make it more usable both for end users 
and and also for developers who will be using the library. 
This week though I have juts worked on improving the developer interface 
and interaction between the advanced and basic editors.
I have improved greatly the interface on the main module for the developers 
to be able to use and have control over the library while using it. This 
will be continuously improved. 
However the part of my work this week having to do with the UI was very 
confusing. I was unable to actually figure out how to improve the UI of the 
basic editor to make it more usable for clients. My goal is to have it nice 
and attractive but not too complicated to use and very simple and cognitive.

Next week I intend to setup a demo of the editor in order to have other 
community members take a look and  leave their comments. and help me make 
changes. I also will start testing the editor with the 
  django-netjsonconfig app, by the end of the week in order to start making 
sure that the library is good for the app.

Happy week end everyone

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