I'm only an user f openwisp but I'll try to answer some of you questions:

1. Openwisp is pretty mature in what is supposed to do: deliver uci 
configuration to openwrt devices. Because openwisp has this very specific 
goal it's hard to compare it to commercial wifi solutions like Cisco's. 
Those solutions usually optimize channels, have intrusion detection, user 
managemnt and so on, that's not the goal of openwisp.

2. I'm not sure what you mean. You can probably have multiple openwisp 
server using a single external database but opwnwisp is not involved in 
user authentication. For example: you can configure openwrt devices to use 
a radius server using openwisp and that's all, Openwisp will not show user 
connected to your devices, this is an information you will find on the 
radius server.

3. No.  Openwisp is not a capwap controller, it's more of an "uci 
controller" that delivers uci formatted configuration files to devices and 
also any other type of text fle. UCI and capwap are different stuff. If you 
need a way to send uci configurations, text files, bash scripts and so on 
to you openwrt device to get capwap up and running that's ok you can do 
that but you will need a third party capwap controller.
I hope this helps.

Em quinta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2018 10:24:18 UTC-2, Deepak Sehrawat 
> Hi All,
> I have used OpenWRT but very new to OpenWISP. I want to use OpenWISP to 
> manage/control in access of 1000 OpenWRT based LAPs.
> Can you please help me with few of my queries:
> 1) How mature is OpenWISP w.r.t commercial products such as CISCO WLCs?
> 2) Does it support Mobility Groups? Can it be used with CISCO WLC for 
> inter-WLC mobility?
> 3) Does it support CAPWAP? If not, how difficult is it to integrate it 
> with OpenCAPWAP?
> Thanks in Advance,
> Regards,
> Deepak

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