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> 1) How mature is OpenWISP w.r.t commercial products such as CISCO WLCs?

I don't have experience with Cisco WLCs so I can't write a comparison.

OpenWISP 2 controller is focused on storing and automating the generation
of configurations and scripts for network devices (routers, radio devices,
access points, mesh devices) minimizing repetition of configuration
information and minimizing manual work. OpenWRT/LEDE is the only properly
supported system right now but we have developed two experimental
configuration backends (Ubiquiti AirOS and Raspberry Pi) which helped us to
demonstrate OpenWISP can potentially manage any router OS which gives
enough flexibility to run scripts that install and upgrade the

This is pretty much its strong point, there other features that I could
cite but they are really related to this main point.

> 2) Does it support Mobility Groups? Can it be used with CISCO WLC for
> inter-WLC mobility?


> 3) Does it support CAPWAP? If not, how difficult is it to integrate it
> with OpenCAPWAP?

No it doesn't, the companies who funded the development of OpenWISP didn't
have Capwap in their requirements although it has been thought of in the

I guess adding support for Capwap is doable with some development effort
but we'd need a developer who has a decent experience with Capwap and some
experience with Python and OpenWRT/LEDE to estimate it correctly. At the
moment I don't have any experience with Capbwap.

I hope this helps!

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