[hadn't muck luck with this in the forum or in openwrt-users, I hope 
this isn't too much noise for this list]

Hello, I have this router (labelled smc7908-isp) supplied by my isp for 
double play (adsl+voip).
It is based on the infineon danube, the wifi chip is an atheros 2417, 
the switch is a realtek RTL8306SD, it has 4MB of flash (EON EN29LV320B) 
and 64MB of ram (PSC A3S12D40ETP).
It also has two fxs ports (analog interface provided by 2 SLIC DX PEF 4268).
All in all it seems similar to the reference design, the only apparent 
difference being the switch.

Another problem is that this router doesn't currently run linux and the 
bootloader is the brn bootloader (no u-boot or redboot), but I more or 
less know the format of the image (though I'm not sure how can I 
shoehorn openwrt into it, probably trying something similar to 
http://ar7-firmware.berlios.de/openwrt/patches.html.en, however that 
page seems to be very old and I cannot tell if the patch to hardcode the 
startup address is still needed and/or how to make a similar one for 

I connected a serial port to the unit and the brn bootloader has an 
option to upload something to the ram and run it (I cannot afford to 
brick it, so ATM this is the only option I have).

Do you think the ifxmips should work in spite of the different switch?
What kind of image should I try to directly upload to ram and run? 
(uImage, vmlinux, vmlinux.elf, none of the above? or maybe try to 
compile u-boot to run from ram, upload it and use it to boot with tftp?)
And what's the status of ifxmips? Does the adsl interface work?
Do the FXS ports?

In case you are interested, the bootlog is available as danube.txt under 
ventoso.org/luca/ (I don't put the full url since I don't want it to be 
picked up by the search engines).

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