John Crispin <> [2024-03-26 21:10:03]:


tl;dr check following kernel commit d4563201f33a ("Documentation: simplify and
clarify DCO contribution example language"), the diff:

  -using your real name (sorry, no pseudonyms or anonymous contributions.)
  +using a known identity (sorry, no anonymous contributions.)

> without a real name DCO is not assignable

There is official clarification[1] from Linux Foundation of the intended
meaning, to make it clear that real names are NOT required, only ability to
identify the person in the community:

 The DCO requires the use of a real name that can be used to identify someone
 in case there is an issue about a contribution they made. A real name does not
 require a legal name, nor a birth name, nor any name that appears on an
 official ID (e.g. a passport). 

 Your real name is the name you convey to people in the community for them to
 use to identify you as you. The key concern is that your identification is
 sufficient enough to contact you if an issue were to arise in the future about
 your contribution. Your real name should not be an anonymous id or false name
 that misrepresents who you are.




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