a) It's a policy change and not a code change.
Policy changes require a vote

Then take a(nother) vote.


b) Just because the kernel changed their interpretation of DCO requirements doesn't mean this automatically applies to OpenWrt contribution policy.


c) It's completely unclear what the new intended requirements are.

For whom? Sorry, I do not understand what you're getting at here.

The Kernel's "clarification" regarding this topic is *very* vague in my opinion. What does "known identity" even mean? Known to whom, and to what degree?

Do not conflate vague with abstract. The thing we care about here is an email address. Can anyone know it? Yes. Can everyone know it? Yes. Can two people have an identical email address? No. ( This is distinct from two people *using* one email address ).

Lavabit shut down over the FBIs pursuit of a single email address (namely Snowden). If an email address is good enough for the FBI, it's good enough for DCO.

A real name does not require a legal name, nor a birth name, nor any name that appears on an official ID (e.g. a passport).

If somebody contributes with his GitHub handle, does that already count as known?

When they're backed by en email address, yes.

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